In this article we discuss the third eye chakra symbol. The symbol of the third eye is quite profound in the simplicity of its nature. It is governed by the Hindu god of wisdom, Krishna, therefore the sixth chakra symbol is in such a way that the Om is positioned over an inverted triangle that sits within a circle in between two lotus petals. A keen study of all the elements would show how all these elements are a representation of wisdom.

The symbol is deeply associated with the element of Akasha (ether) and therefore its seen to be dominated by the Om. Its frequently included in a quite a variety of activities and practices such as meditation, prayers and in the mundane. Just like yoga practice, it is also a mantra of focus, grounding and recognition of the Divine.


The third eye is believed to be located in the brain, above the base of the nose, at the brow and its energy of enabling one to see both the outer and inner worlds allows us to have a clear thought as well as self reflection and spiritual contemplation.

The Third Eye Chakra Symbol

The Third Eye Chakra is generally not associated with any animal due to the fact that several spiritual traditions and energy healers often do not consider the Third Eye to be part of the physical body.

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The Third Eye Chakra symbol image is seen to contain two elements; the lotus flower and the upside down triangle.

Just like the the throat and root symbols, the symbol of the Third Eye’s upside down triangle has 2 meanings it symbolizes. If you look at the mirror from a certain direction, the widening sides of it are a symbol of the growth and betterment of one’s wisdom which in turn leads to high levels of enlightenment.

The cone shaped figure is however a representation of the channeling of information to the point of the triangle or lets say to the seed where the wisdom is set to blossom.


The lotus flower image is also a known universal figure that symbolizes knowledge and its often associated to the Hindu god of creation, Brahma. The flower therefore is a representation of;

– fertility

– prosperity

– eternity

– beauty

Color & Mantra of The Third Eye Symbol

The symbol of the Third Eye is always depicted in the shades of indigo which is generally known to be a mixture of the deepest of violet and blue tones.

The combination of the two strong colors is set to symbolize;


– faith

– loyalty

– wisdom

– mystery

The Aum ( Om ), sacred mantra, is of Sanskrit origin and when translated it means ‘the seed of all creation.’ Its pronunciation is clearly what one might imagine of the hum of creation or how the universal life would sound like. The Om is also a representation of a gateway to higher consciousness.

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The Third Eye symbol is therefore the representation of our ability and intuition to see the world in a different perspective with more vision and enlightenment. Governed by the ray of ‘concrete knowledge’, its regarded the center of the spiritual eye and divine wisdom that seeks to know and seek the truth in all things.