Third Eye Closed Symptoms – 15 Physical And Emotional Tells

When your Third Eye is closed, symptoms flare up surrounding your perception, intuition, and spiritual senses.

The 6th primary chakra is located on the brow and is strongly associated with the pineal gland.


The pineal gland is thought to have developed in our oldest ancestors as a light-sensing organ, but its function is now to regulate sleep chemicals and other hormones.

Activation of the Third Eye chakra is necessary for activating your Light Body or higher self.

If you have yet to do so, you should activate your lower chakras before addressing this one.

Is your Third Eye closed? Check the symptoms below:

List Of Third Eye Closed Symptoms

1. Sight Problems


Blurred vision is a common sign that activation is needed.

Significant deterioration in your visual senses typically appears as the first noticeable symptom.

You may also experience high sensitivity to light, as well as a deterioration in night/dark vision.

Bloodshot eyes are common, and you may experience some soreness.

2. Sleep Problems

Problems with sleep are very common. The pineal gland releases melatonin into the body, which is the primary hormone that regulates sleep.

Blockage in the associated chakra is usually the culprit when you have difficulty getting to sleep, staying asleep, or maintaining a regular pattern of sleep.

You may also experience night sweats and wake feeling more tired than when you went to sleep.

3. Pessimism

Optimism comes about when you can see the value in your life and have hope for the future.

When your Third Eye is closed, a symptom you can experience is a pessimistic outlook.

Unfortunately, due to manifestation, this can be a vicious cycle as pessimism causes things to go wrong, and things going wrong leads to pessimism. Breaking this cycle is incredibly important.

4. Unreliable Intuition

This chakra governs the spiritual senses. The most important spiritual sense you have is your intuition, which you can think of as the wisdom of your higher self, making itself useful.

You may be having these problems if you find that your gut is suddenly guiding you poorly.

Reconnecting with your intuition can be achieved through meditation, though addressing the chakra blockage should take precedent.

5. Loss Of Psychic Power

It also plays a big role in psychic power, which relies on your intuition and your other spiritual senses, such as empathy and telepathy.

You will find that your ability to read tarot, perform medium rituals, and communicate telepathically is significantly lessened when your Third Eye is closed.

If you often practice psychic powers, then you will want to take a little break while you deal with the problem.

6. Lack Of Focus / Fuzzy Mind

The inability to keep your mind on the task at hand could be a sign of a blockage in this chakra.

This is because part of its function is to manage stimuli, so it is easy for the mind to get overwhelmed by distractions when it is not fully activated.

It also doesn’t help if you are experiencing other symptoms as these will be distractions too.

7. Spiritual Flu

Flu-like symptoms present themselves in what is known as “spiritual flu.”

This typically happens outside of flu season, so it is immediately noticeable, the other giveaway being that it lasts only a day or three.

You should see a doctor if it lasts more than a few days, but in the meantime, keep hydrated and get some rest.

8. Depression & Anxiety

As with all chakra blockages and inactivations, depression and anxiety play a role.

Little is known about either of these conditions from a medical standpoint, but they do show up as symptoms of many other health problems.

The same is true of energy problems like chakra blockages.

9. Vulnerable To Deception

Have you been on the receiving end of more than your fair share of lies recently?

This is likely a symptom because problems with this chakra lessen your ability to intuit deception.

It would be a good idea to be cautious and pay extra attention to this area for the time being.

10. Loss Of Purpose

If you have lost your sense of purpose or direction in life, that could also be a symptom.

This is related to the lack of focus you might be experiencing, as well as the pessimism.


Whereas before you had a clearer idea of where you were going, lately, you have been experiencing more doubts.

11. Headaches & Migraines

Headaches and migraines are very common symptoms that show up when your Third Eye is closed.

The energy blockage builds up behind your eyes, so the more common type of headache is a frontal one.

Particularly linked to “eye headaches,” where the eyes hurt, and you are more sensitive to light.

12. Beset By Fear And Doubt

Confidence is, at best, fragile. When all of your chakras are lined up and activated, you feel confident in your own abilities and optimistic about your future.

When even one of them is out of whack, you can start to experience fears and doubts creeping in.

13. Muscle & Joint Pain

A lot of muscle and joint pain has little to do with the muscles and joints. In a lot of cases, this indicates problems elsewhere.

Back pain, in particular, can have spiritual causes, indicating a blockage somewhere in your chakra system.

14. Paranoid Thoughts

Paranoia can flare up when the Third Eye has a blockage. This is strongly linked to deception because, intuitively, you know that you are more vulnerable to lies.

Unfortunately, this causes you to make mistakes in thinking that people are lying or deceiving you when they aren’t.

15. Forgetting Dreams

When your spiritual senses are strong, you are more able to access your Light Body and use it to exist on the Astral Plane.

This most often happens during REM sleep, so it is your dreams that give you the most access.

However, a blockage in the Third Eye weakens your spiritual senses and causes you to have a weaker link with your dreams.

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