Third eye crystals have become a source of a lot of curiosity in recent times. The third eye is said to be located deep in the brain.

The pineal gland is located in the body in the vertebral brain, close to the hypothalamus. It is a tool used by seers and mystics. It is the centre of perception and command.

It is said to be the most important universal connection and is also referred to as the six layers of the seven major chakras. As it is the spiritual visual centre, activating or opening the third eye helps you become more attune with your subconscious. It eliminates negative tendencies and selfish attitudes.

Opening the third eye

One of the ways to open the third eye is by using third eye crystals or Chakra. Stones are powerful healers. When used correctly, they can help you have a deep spiritual experience by opening the third eye. It is one of the key elements that determine the auric field which a particular stone resonates with.

The sixth chakra, or third crystal, is commonly associated with indigo, blue or purple stones.

Healing Stones

Healing stones that are used to open the third eye include Amethyst – it strongly promotes psychic energy and receptivity. Another one is the lapiz Lazuli. This is the stone of awareness. It imparts truth and wisdom.

There is also Sodalite stone which bridges a conscious connection into the mind. Another alternative is to select a Quantum Pendant which in addition to opening the inner eye can balance different Chakras and foster specific goals.

Most efficacious Third Eye Crystals

The following are some of the best stones to open the third eye. You can carry them with you, wear as jewellery, or have them under the pillow at night. It takes two weeks for crystals to align with your energy, so you need to be patient.

The first one we will look at is the clear quartz. Some believe that this stone is the master healer. It will clear and awaken all of the senses, especially the sixth sense. Whatever you focus on, it awakens. It is a potent stone used to enhance spiritual growth.

The Labradorite is another highly spiritual third eye crystal. It is an excellent stone for psychics and empaths. It stops their intuitive energy from absorbing too much negative energy from other people. As it awakens the third eye, it heals you of fears from past lives and restores abilities of individuals who have shut down their psychic powers.

Crystals to attain deeper levels of spirituality

Next, we will discuss the Amethyst. It is called the stone of spirituality. It lifts a person to deeper levels of spirituality. It works best when it is near the body. It unlocks the third eye while encouraging astral travel. The stone is particularly good for psychic children.

It helps them connect with their subconscious. One more crystal that awakens the third eye is the moonstone. It is particularly useful to reawaken latent psychics whose powers have been shut down out of fear of being rejected or misunderstood.

It absorbs the power of the moon and is helpful to charge it when the moon is full. It can also absorb tension in the home and can regulate body clocks. This is why it is recommended for women in their reproductive years as it can lessen mood swings.

I believe this article has shed some light on this topic, and for those who approach the subject of third eye crystals with some degree of trepidation, it has allayed their fears.

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