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Third Eye Opening – How to Know Your Third eye is Opening (BEST TIPS)

Third Eye Opening – What is the third eye ? In ancient times they called it the brow chakra, the ajna chakra and basically it is the seat of the soul, it is where the pituitary gland and pineal gland, the third ventricle of the brain, the essences fused together and now you become illuminated. So in the mystery school of ancient kemet or Egypt, it was a great gift to have your third eye open, to have your pineal gland decalcified which produces melatonin and how ironic because that governs our sleep and wake cycle.third eye opening 2

So people who are opening their third eye in ancient times could be awakened again. What’s helped me along my journey, first way of knowing when your third eye is opening is that you stop calling people crazy, that’s right people tell you their stories, strange stories, crazy stories, and you understand them.



Time stops what you thought was impossible is now possible. The strange, the absurd, is no longer absurd, you start realizing everything you have been told is nothing more than a shoddy story believed to be the truth. So because of that you are now all about rewriting your whole story. You have what I call the three C’s.

Third Eye Opening Symptoms

Clairvoyance – Many people in ancient time when their third eye was opening would become a visionary, they could now see the bigger picture, like seeing from a birds eye view. Almost as if its like when you go into a super market, you pick up a package, you read the label and you say “what are those ?” Because you start to realize beyond reason.third eye opening 1

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You start to see beyond the obvious, you start to move outside of linear time, every day for you is like a whole new beginning. So you get this Clairvoyance which means clear vision. You start to read peoples feelings, their thoughts, their energy so clearly.

Clairsentience – Which is clear feeling, when someone touches you, you know what happened to them.


Clairaudience – Which is about clear sound, sometimes you might listen to something on the news and start laughing and say “really you want me to believe that ?”

Also with third eye opening you start to become more imaginative, your inner artist really pops out of you that’s why lot of people say once you become awakened you can never go back. I don’t call it being awakened, I say every day I am awakening, it’s the whole process that you don’t know anything, you are learning as you go along your journey. You start to see the beauty in the mundane but at the same time as you are growing in consciousness, growing in awareness, people change around you, friends that were really close now become distant.


Third Eye Opening Can Be a Burden

You might even change your job to be in more alignment with what you are experiencing, place change, food changes, that is how I knew my third eye was opening, I used to love a bucket of chicken, some soda, lots of greasy fries, now I don’t eat them no more. As my third eye was opening and pineal gland was decalcifying I started to realize my body was a temple, what we do now echoes into eternity. So I started to eat a more plant based diet.third eye opening 3

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You realize heaven is not in the after life, heaven is right here right now, we live in a beautiful universe but also you start to notice the gift of awakening can be a burden if you don’t know how to handle it. Now you start to feel everything, that’s why a lot of people don’t want to open their third eye, they don’t want to decalcify their pineal gland. There is more responsibility, people who see the gift now realize they are limitless, they start to pierce the veil of the illusion of separation and everything is connected. You realize you are limitless and you can do anything.

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