This Hairdresser Spent Time Giving Homeless People Haircuts And They Look Spectacular

Mark Bustos visited his homeland, the Phillipines, and had a life-changing experience. He gave some kids on the street haircuts (awesome ones, since Bustos is a hairdresser) and felt so moved by the experience, he felt like he couldn’t stop there.

So when Bustos came back to his current place of residence, New York City, he continued giving haircuts to the homeless.



Now he doesn’t focus solely on kids.


In fact, he gives haircuts to homeless people in all walks of life.


He does this on most Sundays, taking along a minimalist sort of travel-salon with him on the streets.


Bustos does this wonderful deed for several reasons. For one, he wants to just give a boost of positivity to some people who really, really need it. But for another, he wants to change the way these people are perceived.


Said Bustos in an interview with “I do believe people with a proper, professional haircut receive more respect than those who do not have a proper haircut.”


And believe me, he did STUNNING transformations to some!

bearded-homeless black-man-haircut




We think more people like Bustos can make MAJOR difference in this world!

Devin Masga | Photographer

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