This Is How The Human Aura Affects Those Around You

So What Is The Human Aura ?

human-aura-coverThe human aura is often a field of subtle luminous energy surrounding you and is extending outward from your physical body. Research has shown that aura is related to the electromagnetic field of our body and they serve as a visual measurement of our emotional, mental, physical and spiritual states.



Whatever you do throughout your day, your thoughts and physical state affects your aura. The human aura is also affected by energies of the environment, how the planets align and even radio frequencies. So basically our aura is an electronic signature of who we are.

What About The Colors Of The Human Aura ?human aura 1

Your aura colors may radiate and glow when you feel joy and love while you are connected to the universal Source. Or your aura colors may become dull when you are gloomy, when you become depressed, or you are complaining and see life as less.

When you are appreciative, it intensifies the aura; the heart chakra emanates pink and golden sun radiance. However whenever you put yourself down or go into not being appreciative of others, the size, color and radiance of your aura lessons.

What We Feel, Our Thoughts, Diet And The Human Aura

What we are taking in through our eyes, ears and what we are thinking affects the aura. When we put our attention upon Source and our connection to it, the spinning of our chakras accelerates the frequency with Source, the human aura expands.

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How the Human Aura Affects Others Around You, Watch The Video.

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