This is How You Strengthen Your Aura And Protect Yourself

At the end of your day do you feel tired? Like you have been running around all day, although all you did was talk to a lot of people? You’re not alone. You do have limited energy, and it can get you so far as it depletes throughout your day.

Use the techniques below to find out what causes your energy to drain, and to ensure you have the optimal energy and a healthy aura.


So what causes the aura to drain?

There are many mistake people make every day which weakens their aura. Listed below are things which may weaken your aura.

Not enough rest

Not getting enough rest will weaken your aura, it’s important for you to get a restful nights sleep. When you are relaxing your body is healing and so is your aura.

Lack of fresh air

Being out in nature is the perfect way to get more oxygen into your body, here are a few other ways to get more fresh air.

  • Open your windows
  • Have plants in your home
  • Increase your water intake; water is made up of oxygen.
  • Meditation
  • Cut out salt
  • Eat green raw foods; oxygen rich food will naturally increase your blood oxygen levels.

Lack of exercise

When you don’t exercise, your aura is slowly weakening, and so you tend to have less energy throughout your day. One of the benefits of physical activity is improved self-esteem, which is energy.

When you exercise, your body releases chemicals called endorphins, this chemical triggers positive feeling in your body which some describe it as euphoric.



Stress also weakens your aura; you can combat stress with exercise as mentioned above.

Poor diet

A poor diet can weaken your aura and give you less energy throughout your day.

Other things that can weaken your aura are the use of alcohol, drugs or tobacco.

To start, you should get into a better habit with all of the above. If you can’t find the motivation to do these steps, then think about what impact it may have on your physical body and your body’s energy as well. That should be enough motivation for you to get a head start.

Here Are Steps You Can Take To Maintain a Healthy Aura

Step one: To prevent yourself from being drained

When you are talking to people, and you realise your energy is being drained, then it’s possible these people are unintentionally stealing your energy.

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There are many cases where people use other people’s energy to supplement their own, rather than creating it for themselves. If people tell you that they feel better after having a conversation with you, then it’s possible they are using your energy in this way.

You should always be in control of your energy. So to stop other people from latching onto your auric energy and leaving you drained, you have to close your energy circuit. You have to shut down the currents of energy flow within you and around you in your auric field. Leaving it open will allow other people to feed on it.

Here is how you prevent it

When you are talking to someone who drains your energy, cross your ankles and then bring your hands together touching the thumbs and fingers to one another. This will create what’s called a closed-circuit. Now the energy will flow within you and around you but never leach into others.

With enough practice you should now preserve all your energy within you, now you may find some people tell you that something about you has changed, or they don’t feel refreshed as they used to. It’s because they are no longer feeding off your auras energy. Now you should feel a lot more energised at the end of your day.

Step two: The energy breathing technique

You should know that your breath is essential for revitalising your energy and also topping up your auric energy. We mentioned earlier that one of the causes of weakened auric energy is the lack of fresh air. So the way you breathe is just as important.

When you breathe through the nose not only does it warm the air before it enters the lungs, which reduces the risk of inflammation, and also filters the air entering your body. Your nostrils remove lot of the pollution and dirt in the air that surrounds you, allowing you much cleaner breathing.

Your energy has what is known as polarity, which is both positive and negative, male and female, sun and the moon. The balanced name for this is called Sushumna. This breathing technique will energise your aura and also balance the polarity of your body.

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Here is how to do it

You can start by placing your dominant hand on your nose, with your thumb on one side and your fingers on the other side. Now put your tongue against the roof of your mouth, you should remain relaxed doing this.


Use your thumb and close the nostril on that side of the face, which is the right hand and right nostril. Now Inhale for a slow count of four. Now close the other nostril using your fingers, so both nostrils should be closed now hold for a count of 16.

If this seems too much for you, you can work towards it slowly over time.

Once you complete this, release your thumb but keep the fingers closing the other nostril and slowly exhale for a count of eight. Now you can breathe back in again through this open nostril, you should alternate as you go, for about five or six breaths in total.

Step three: The cleansing vortex

The cleansing vortex is a great visualisation technique; it’s a great way to clean any bad energy that you have accumulated throughout your day. The cleansing vortex is great if you are always interacting with a lot of people, often people fill you up with negative energies.

Here is how to do it

First, find a comfortable seated position, you can also use step 2 to ready yourself.

Now visualise a small whirlwind of crystalline white fire about 20 feet above your head. Then envision the small end of the funnel, entering through the crown of your head and going right down through your body.

The crystalline white fire should be rotating clockwise as it touches your aura, you should see the negative energy being sucked away and burnt away. As it slowly moves through you, more of the negative energy will be swept away, until it exits through the feet and then into the ground.

So the next time you feel like you had a bad day, and you are low on energy. You should try the above techniques, as you learn more about your energy, your breathing, you will learn that you have been a victim of an aura vampire. You just needed some time to breathe.


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