This Looks Like A Rotting Old Tree? But When You Look Closer Your Jaw Will Drop

When you glance at this old felled tree from a distance and think it’s just a rotting log. After all it’s winter and when there are downed trees they are always rotting away in sunken piles of leaves and dirt. But have a closer look, because what your going to see will surprise you.



This is an art from in China, the ancient practice of carving impressive sculptures into trees.tree-art-1

This spectacular and complex piece was created by artist Zheng Chunhui.1115


It’s called “Along The River During The Quinming Festival.”166

The carving covers all 12 feet of the tree and has been acknowledged by the Guinness Book of World Records as the longest tree carving in the world.157

Covering a total area of 39 feet, there are more than 550 individually carved figures present on the piece.1312

It is inspired by a famous Chinese painting of the same name by Zhang Zeduan of the Song Dynasty. It depicts the festivities that take place during this springtime festival.1410

This took Chunhui over four years to complete.12121

This amazing work of art is a testimony not just to China’s great traditions, but to the unique art forms practiced for centuries within the country. What a sight to behold.

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