This Mesmerizing NASA Video Will Remind You Of How Terrifyingly Beautiful Earth Can Be

You’ve seen what extreme weather looks like from space, but you probably haven’t seen anything quite like this. This video of our beautiful planet was released by NASA’s Scientific Visualization Studio and shows Earth’s extraordinary behavior during severe weather conditions. Planet Earth IS alive and beautiful!

The animation shows early test renderings of a global computational model of Earth’s atmosphere based on data from a complex 3D simulation of the Earth’s atmosphere called Goddard Earth Observing System Model, Version 5 or GEOS-5.


“The visualization spans a little more than 7 days of simulation time which is 354 time steps. The time period was chosen because a simulated category-4 typhoon developed off the coast of China. The frames were rendered using Renderman. Brickmap volumes generated for each time step are about 2.6 Gigabytes. This short visualization referenced nearly a terabyte of brickmap files. The 7 day period is repeated several times during the course of the visualization.”


Originally written by Haris and published on Life Buzz

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