This Ready-Made Tiny Home Can Be Shipped To Any Destination

This unique abode is the perfect home for those who desire to live off-grid hassle-free.

For those who are interested in living in a ‘tiny home’ but are less than optimistic about constructing their own, we present to you the ultimate Mobile Home, which is a prefab modular tiny home that can be transported to any location you desire.


Designed by Ruzanna Andressa Oganesya, the structure is the perfect potential home for anyone who desires to live off-grid for a period of time in a hassle-free manner.

The ultra-convenient abode is wide enough to fit on a freight liner truck bed and is approximately 150 square feet. Compact and minimalistic, it comes with all the basic necessities one might desire.

Additionally, it can be delivered with a selection of specific furnishings already installed!

It is impossible to miss the abode’s unique shape. And upon entering, a visitor or new home owner will be mesmerized by glass walls that allow in plenty of natural sky light, as well as a bedroom that hovers over a living room.

The bedroom is located under a skylight so residents can enjoy a bit of stargazing before they fall asleep.

The following pictures show a mezzanine floor plan:Ruzanna-Andressa-Oganesya-Mobile-Home2-1020x610-768x459 Ruzanna-Andressa-Oganesya-Mobile-Home4-1020x610-768x459 Ruzanna-Andressa-Oganesya-Mobile-Home6-1020x610-768x459 Ruzanna-Andressa-Oganesya-Mobile-Homec-1020x610-768x459

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