This Sculpture Is Extremely Impressive, But When You Look Closer Your Jaw Will Drop To The Floor

Do you remember the very first time you finished your first origami crane or a paper airplane? Remember how hard that was? Well, don’t congratulate yourself just yet because what this artist does with paper makes that look like child’s play.



Calvin Nicholls has been working with paper for over 25 years and he’s taking it to places we never even thought were possible. Prepare to have your mind blown away!

Calvin has worked for 25 years to perfect his paper made sculptures. But he doesn’t just draw on it. He shapes it to create intricate works of staggering detail and beauty. This particular series is appropriately titled, “Paper Zoo.”Calvin-Nicholls

To make the art, he starts by observing real-life animals and their movements. He takes numerous sketches that he will later use as reference for his paper art. He then cuts up thousands of tiny pieces of paper and pastes them together to form each animal. The texture he is able to achieve with this technique is astounding.242353634

Given that he’s only working with white paper, the details must be exactly right in order to create the appropriate depth and shadowing. It’s incredibly delicate work. Each small piece can take many weeks to complete. While the bigger ones can take months, or even years. His work has been featured in National Geographic, as well as numerous galleries and art shows all over the world.454374

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He uses X-ACTO knives, scalpels, and scissors in the construction of his critters. Fur is an especially difficult texture to create, so animals make for a distinct challenge. Feathers are also very hard to replicate.


Just look at the texture on the hummingbird’s belly. Totally amazing!t4ey6e4764

The commitment these amazing pieces of art require is just mind-blowing. Can you imagine how frustrating it would be if you messed up a simple detail ? Talent like this just doesn’t come around like this every day!

Share these incredible paper artworks with your loved ones and fellow animal lovers!

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