This Song Will Reduce Your Anxiety By 65 Percent

This research is by Mindlab International Based in the UK. They wanted to find out what type of music triggers the biggest state of relaxation.

Each of the participants was given difficult puzzles to solve, while they were connected to sensors, solving the puzzles triggered certain level of stress. Simultaneously they listened to a selection of songs, while their heart rate, blood pressure, the rate of breathing and brain activity were measured.

What the researchers discovered was that one particular song “Weightless” reduced anxiety by 65 percent in the participants and 35 percent reduction in personal physiological resting rates.

The song “Weightless” created by the Marconi Union, sound therapist and musicians teamed together to arrange rhythms, harmonies and bass lines which would slow down the listener’s heart rate, this effectively reduced stress hormones.

The music was very effective, many of the participants felt drowsy, leader of the research Dr. David Lewis-Hodgeson advises against listening to this song while driving.

Why not experience it yourself here:

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