This Video Makes a Lot of Sense! The Simple Truth

Everyone is worthy. No matter where you live, the color of your skin, status or religion characterizes you, no matter who you are, you are enough.

You don’t need to have anything to be enough. You were born enough. Just as a tree is enough and possesses everything it needs to grow since it was a seed, you are also enough to be the best version of yourself since you were in your mother’s belly.


However the world is distorted by fear and this same fear is trying to convince you that you lack something. The propaganda, the politics, the fight for power, wars, poverty, and so much suffering, everything is a product of this fear.

The simple truth is all just an illusion trying to fool you into making the wrong choices. But you must look deep inside and see that all you ever needed you got it even before you were aware of yourself.


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