The throat chakra – Vishuddha in Sanskrit – is the energy centre located in the neck, directly behind the oesophagus.

Its position is between the chakras of the head – the third eye and crown chakras – and the rest of the body provides a passage of energy linking the physical, emotional and spiritual centres of the body.

Its aura often appears as blue, purple or turquoise. “Vishuddha”, the Sanskrit name for the throat chakra, translates roughly as “especially pure”.

When we have a closed or tight throat chakra, we can experience difficulties in expressing ourselves effectively in social situations.

We may also have trouble with public speaking, presentations and other situations where the attention of others is on our voice.

We should, if we are experiencing problems with a closed or tight throat chakra, use chakra healing techniques to open our throat chakra.

But how can we tell that our throat chakra is opening?

Ease Of Communication

When our throat chakra opens, we find that communicating with others becomes a much, much easier task.

For introverts, this might mean a dissipation of the tiring energies that build up in even the most enjoyable social interactions.

For extroverts, this might mean a renewed enjoyment of speaking with others.

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When communicating comes easily, our lives are made more comfortable and more fulfilling. Seeing this change may hint that your throat chakra is opening.

Renewed Confidence

Related to this, we can experience a boost of self-confidence when we open our throat chakra.

Control over our voice is always the first step to becoming a self-possessed, free person.

Even the most isolated people in the world use their voice to take control of themselves – this is why we use mantras and chants when we meditate. Our voice is important to us.

So when we regain the ability to control our voice in the world, we restore the self-esteem that allows us to go about our lives with confidence.

Physical Signs Of Throat Chakra Opening

There are also a number of physical signs we can look out for that signal an opening of the throat chakra. Some are listed below:

  •  Relief of aches and pains, particularly in the neck and throat region. A stiff neck or constant feeling of a lump in the throat might suddenly and unexpectedly disappear.
  • Relief of internal throat problems, such as hoarseness, laryngitis and throat infections. The throat chakra opening might also remedy a persistent cough.
  • Relief of dental issues, such as dental pain or mouth ulcers. Opening the throat chakra spreads positive energy through the mouth as well as the throat, providing relief from toothache and other problems.
  • Relief from persistent headaches, including migraines and cluster headaches. Though we should visit a doctor if we experience too many headaches, most cases are related to a closed throat chakra and can be at least in part relieved by opening it up.
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It is always good to keep an eye out for these symptoms when we are working to open our throat chakra. After all, how do we know we have made progress if we do not measure it?