Healing the throat Chakra is essential for maintaining a long-term and stable twin flame relationship.

Twin flames face verbal and non-verbal communication problems that steer them away from each other.

Misunderstandings arise when they are unable to express their emotions and voice their concerns.

These misunderstandings create grave problems for them, if not addressed immediately. The throat chakra is associated with creativity, communication, vitality etc.

Its imbalance causes speech issues, chronic fatigue, laryngitis and many other problems. How can you hope to maintain a healthy relationship with your twin flame, if you have difficulty uttering a single word?

Vishuddha or Throat chakra is situated in the thyroid gland. It regulates the flow of stimulating the thyroid hormone and also controls all function, directly or indirectly, associated with the throat.

Signs of Blockage of the 5th Chakra

It is the 5th chakra, and its blockage causes spiritual and physical symptoms. The physical symptoms include fatigue, severe headaches, stutter etc.

In extreme conditions, autoimmune dysfunction and hypothyroidism might also manifest itself, as a result of this chakra’s imbalance.

Certain behavioural changes are also experienced, as a result of the throat chakra blockage. For instance, Twin flames feel isolated and lost and fail to connect with people around them due to its imbalance.

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They wander aimlessly from place to place, in search of their destinies, but their pursuits always end in failure.

Sometimes, they feel emotionally vulnerable. They become highly indecisive, attract manipulative people, and land themselves in abusive relationships.

These relationships fuel their fears and insecurities even further and exacerbate their spiritual conditions. They also exhibit conceitedness and apathy for empathy.

Remedying the fifth chakra imbalance

Some, how can twin flames remedy the ill-effects of a throat chakra imbalance? There are many foods and healing techniques that can be employed to clear its blockage.

The whole universe is made up of energy. Chakra imbalances lead to a destabilisation of energy.

Stones are effective tools to stabilise energy levels, in order to restore harmony and peace to the spiritual as well as physical beings of a single soul.

Placing them in the sight of the imbalance purges the person of negative energies.

Meditation is also employed to remove fifth chakra blockages.

The blue colour is linked with the throat chakra, and focusing on this colour while meditating can pacify your soul, and restore balance to your inner world.

Foods can also help remove chakra blockages. Each food has specific energy and eating healthy foods with positive energies remedies your chakra imbalances with masterful effectiveness.

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You will no longer suffer from stifling creativity or overstrained nerves after your rehabilitation.

Once the throat chakra is open, twin flames can remove the source of all their misconceptions.

The hesitation to express their emotions and misunderstandings diminishes after its cleansing. The powers of eloquence should not be underestimated.

They can heal any relationship, and remove any obstacle in the path of eternal bliss. Most relationships fail due to lack of communication.

The key to a healthy relationship lies in effective verbal and nonverbal communication.