Are You Going Through The Twin Flame Separation Phase?

Many twins are suffering because they feel separated from each other, the cause is one of the twin flame is running away, and the other twin feels really rejected and ruined

Cruel as it may sound, this physical separation was intended before the birth of your soul, it will only help you come back pure love vibration of your soul.


Your soul intended to meet, then go for a temporary separation so the both of you can want each other badly. This longing process stirs deep within your soul wanting to complete again, longing for unconditional love. To know the real vibration of love, you have to know how to love yourself unconditionally and remove all the illusions which may hold you back.

Why does the twin flame separation phase happen?twin flame separation phase happen 4

When you truly want to be with your twin flame, this twin flame separation phase causes you to release all your shadows and energy you were blocking, truly allowing your love to pass into the physical. Till you are whole again with yourself, you can’t form this union, so you both have to heal yourself.

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Really our souls have made a plan to inspire us to work and heal ourselves.

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But you are probably thinking that your twin flame has run away and avoiding carrying out the healing work. There many ways you can encourage your twin’s psyche into action by working on your self love.

twin flame separation phase happen 2

Why does the male twin flame runaway?

Running away is very normal for the masculine energy, even when they love you. Infact this happens when his heart is softening for you and his feelings may become deeper. Falling for you most likely makes him feel very vulnerable, so he would pull back not to lose himself.

One of the best tips you should know is that the male energy will always pull back a little or so, and you should remain calm and just be chill about it.

When he starts running away and you begin to chase him, then he will run even further away. He will come and go, working out what he is feeling and trying to find his ability of being in a relationship.

The truth is twin flames are undoubtedly as one in the astral world. Separation is just a physical term, an illusion. Already you are whole with your twin flame, you are here to raise this planets vibration and to overcome illusion of this separation and pass that onto others.

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Are you going through a twin flame separation phase?



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