Having a tiger spirit animal speaks of your strength, courage and determination.

Tiger symbolism also relates to overcoming fears and obstacles, as well as maintaining a healthy appetite for life.

Often belonging to entrepreneurs and self-starters, the tiger is a powerful spirit animal whose lessons can help you to use your strength and bravery to achieve your goals.

Personal Strength

The tiger is an apex predator. No other animal can match it for pure strength and power, especially when it catches its prey unaware.

It is symbolic of your personal strengths. You are at your peak power right now, and you should act with confidence and bravery in going after the things you want.

The tiger is willing to risk life and limb to take down dangerous prey, so you must be willing to take your risks to achieve your goals.

Your tiger spirit animal imbues you with the conviction to take a leap of faith and trust in your ability to make a success of a risky endeavour.

Overcoming Fears & Obstacles

Tiger symbolism relates to primal instincts, including fear. Overcoming fear and displaying courage in tackling obstacles is thrives in your life right now.

Something is making you anxious, and the fear of it is keeping you locked in place.

You need to break free from the shackles of fear and have the courage to trust in your strength in overcoming the challenges that face you.

Tigers are often scared of humans – and for a good reason.

But when pushed by the need to feed themselves and their young, they will enter human settlements and take whatever livestock they can.

It might be dangerous, as they prefer to stay away from people, but when push comes to shove they show courage in facing fear.


This speaks to the determination of the tiger, a single-mindedness that allows it to thrive (as long as there aren’t people around).

There are times when you need to sit back and take stock. When your tiger spirit animal appears to you, that time has passed.

Now you should chase your dreams with enthusiasm and dedication. Knowing what you want and taking action to get it is embodying the spirit of the tiger.

Vitality, Health & Appetite For Life

Tigers are majestic creatures and very physically strong. A tiger at its peak is close to physical perfection.

For this reason, tigers often represent vitality and health.

Their vitality comes from a healthy appetite for life. Tigers love to hunt, which is the path they are supposed to take.

Your tiger spirit animal urges you to find your appetite again.

We mean both your appetite for healthy, nourishing food but also your desire for your work and hobbies.

Finding a life that allows you to adhere to your true nature and thrive because of it should be a major concern for you right now, as the tiger spirit animal comes into your life.