We all experience a weird sensation every now and again. To the spiritually uninitiated, these feelings have no meaning at all – just accidents of physiology.

But to those of us attuned to our spiritual selves, they are signs of higher workings.

One particular sensation we might experience is tingling on the top of the head.

This might feel like pins and needles, or more like a static build-up of electricity.

It may not be on the top of your head but the forehead. It may be entirely indescribable, except that we just feel a build up of spiritual energy somewhere around the top of the head.

The sensation we are feeling is related to the Crown chakra.

Crown Chakra

The Crown chakra, or Sahasrara, is the seventh primary chakra or energy centre. It is located right where the tingling sensation we are discussing is located – at the top (or crown) of the head.

The Crown chakra governs our feelings of spiritual oneness and represents the loss of ego. It is the last of the seven primary chakras.

But what does this tingling sensation on the top of the head mean in relation to the Crown chakra?

Opening / Activation

Well, the tingling sensation described is one symptom of the Crown chakra activation or opening.

What we are experiencing as a tingling sensation may just be a physical symptom of an ongoing spiritual awakening.

So how do we know that our Crown chakra is opening or activating?

We can look for other symptoms. These include strong feelings of oneness with the universe, a disintegration of the egocentric viewpoint and a sense of deeper meaning within the universe.

We might experience a sudden change in belief and undergo a dramatic personal transformation.

These are all signs of our Crown chakra opening, so if we experience these, then that explains the tingling sensation on the top of the head.


If we are not experiencing any of these opening or activation symptoms, then the tingling sensation on the top of the head might have a different meaning.

Our Crown chakra might be blocked.

The tingling sensation may be a sign that our energies are out of sync in the Crown chakra. There are ways in which we can remedy this.

We should engage in meditation and use our affirmations to locate and bring in to balance the Crown chakra.

Contemplating the oneness of the universe and using mantras that denote feelings of peace, kindness and unity might help you to harness your Crown chakra and allow you control over it.

Even though, in this case, the tingling sensation represents a problem in our Crown chakra, we should see this as an opportunity to progress along our spiritual journey.

Activating and balancing the Crown chakra is a crucial step in achieving spiritual awakening and ascension.

And that tingling sensation on the top of the head means we have energy around our Crown chakra that we can use to help us towards that goal.