Each chakra inside our body is representative of a significant physiological function. It is associated with a specific frequency and colour and gives our body balance and mental composure.

The heart chakra is located at the core of three upper body chakras and three lower body chakras.

Your physical and spiritual realms align at this point, and that’s why its significance is paramount.

Anahata or the heart chakra resides at this location inside the body which shields us from our harrowing past.

Its colour is green, and it symbolises reformation, intense love and mercy. When the heart chakra gets blocked, it spells grave danger for our emotional, spiritual and physical health.

Not only does it affect our heart, but also the neighbouring areas, such as the lungs, kidneys etc. Its imbalance can alleviate our empathy to alarming levels.

You might feel as if a prodding loneliness has taken hold of you. Your ability to connect with another human might completely diminish.

Healing the heart chakra is essential for the body to regain hold of its core strength. These powerful healing techniques can balance the Anahata.

Healing the heart Chakra with Meditation

Meditation is one of the most practised techniques to correct the imbalance of the heart chakra. It can help clear out the blockages impeding the flow of chi.

Meditation is only effective if it is done in a serene environment, far away from the commotion of human activity. You must plan before meditating.

Make up your mind, and have a strong conviction that meditation can, in fact, restore balance to your world.

Free your mind from doubts and anxious thoughts. The environment has a profound effect on this practice of meditation, both internal and external.

Deciding a place that is optimal for meditation is highly essential. When you’re meditating, direct your focus on the colour green, which is the colour of Anahata. Meditating in an environment with rich green plants can perpetuate the healing process.


Mantras are simple practices of reassurance that help you cleanse the impurities blocking the flow of your heart chakra. Chanting ‘YAM’, when you have a heart chakra imbalance can put your Anahata on the road to recovery.

Try to open gateways inside your mind for eternal love and compassion to enter. Remember, your intentions have a deep impact on your healing practices.

Music therapy

Music has conquered spirits through its resonant and melodious sounds. The effects of music on the human soul are miraculous.

It has extraordinary healing capabilities. Music therapy, when coupled with meditation is highly effective in opening the blockage of your heart chakra.

Listen to lively and upbeat music to instil your soul with optimism. Refrain from listening to brooding and bleak music.

Healing the heart chakra is an instant necessity. If the healing is deferred, it can have chronic effects on the spirit and mind.

Make sure you incorporate these healing techniques in your daily life to reap their benefits, and to bring balance to your chaotic world.