Signs of a true soulmate are not what you see in the movies. They are entirely different in real life.

But, there is one thing for sure – when you meet your soulmate, your soul will indicate to you at first sight, that you have found someone special.

A soulmate is a companion to your soul. You both are meant to complete and support each other emotionally, spiritually, mentally and physically.

Signs of a true soulmate

You will have more than one soulmate, and they can play their part in your life as a partner, friend, neighbour or sibling. Here are top signs of a real soulmate:

Sense of Familiarity

Even when you are meeting a soulmate for the first time, there is an intense sense of familiarity. It feels like you have known that person for ages.

Your mind fails to accept that it is your first real encounter with that person.

Feeling of Comfort

With your soulmate, you feel a high level of energy and comfort. You don’t need to hide your true self because, with them, you can entirely be yourself.

You Are Best Friends

Your soulmate is your best friend because you are each other’s main support. You know each other well.

Above all, the more you start to know each other, the more profound your relationship will become.

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Your sense of humour is the same, you laugh at same jokes, and you both find interest in the same things.

Similar Life Goals

The longevity of the relationship depends on the journey and destination of the soulmates.

When two people have the same vision of the future, they have more reasons to stay and work together.

This similarity brings them closer. When two people don’t have one single route to follow in their lives, they often get separated.

Mutual Respect for One Another

Relationships begin to sour when two people want to impose their likes and dislikes on each other.

They try to change each other rather than respecting them for who they are. Soulmates are not like that.

They never try to change you and give you respect for who you are. Nobody is perfect, and in a soulmate relationship, imperfections are highly acceptable.

The motivation for Each Other

A soulmate doesn’t only appreciate what you have done in your life but also motivates you to do more.

You both know the real potential of each other and want the other to use it fully to achieve greatness in life.

The soulmate relationship a mixture of support and challenge. Both soulmates challenge the other and also help in accomplishing the problem to improve their counterpart.

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No Jealousy At All

Either achieved together or apart, soulmates feel happy on the success of one another.

There is a complete absence of jealousy and judgement in this relationship. The sense of happiness and joy on one’s success is free from any materialism.

Happiness All Around

A soulmate relationship completes you, and thus you feel happy with your soulmate. You love spending time together.

Even when you are worried or anxious, the presence of your soulmate soothes you and calms your nerves.

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