Toxic Union Between Empath And Narcissist

There is always the buzz in today’s media about the Highly Sensitive Empath and Narcissist in a relationship.

There is one prevalent theory, which is that the Narcissists seem to prey on the Sensitive Empath mainly because of their very giving and compassionate nature. There is also another motive that appears to go deeper, which is something do with the Narcissists ego.


A deeper understanding of empath and narcissistempath and narcissist 2

The Narcissists

First, let us consider the meaning of ego as it mostly applies to Narcissists quite often. The definition of Egoistical means: Excessively absorbed or conceited in themselves, self-centered. A feeling of right to whatever they desire.

Having too much ego may lead to severe issues with people. One of them is Harsh treatment.

The Narcissist feels they have the right to do whatever they want to get what they need, which leads to abuse and control.

It’s not surprising that the standard for Narcissistic Personality Disorder DSM-IV states that individuals with the disorder seem to have a unique sense of self-importance.

The Empath

Just like Narcissists, there is ego in empaths to some extent, but they don’t run entirely from ego. For the Empath, the ego is about judging others and their feelings of anger/bitterness. These emotions are often encouraged with Empath and HSP after seeing unjust acts of hate and cruelty.


Empaths act mostly from humility, giving, and love. They have the all-natural ability for teaching and healing others. Although they have to learn the best way to use their skills sensibly, they are usually taken advantage of, not only by their partners but others as well.

The Empath And Narcissist Relationshipempath and narcissist 1

Most often, an empath’s real goal is to assist in healing others. Alas, they always ignore their own needs. They tend to feel what’s going on outside more than what’s going on inside. Empaths are never violent or aggressive, and they always lean on being the peacemaker.

With Narcissists, they never seem to have an authenticity about them. They are all about ego and use it as a defense mechanism. Their ego needs constant attention.

When Narcissist and the Empath begin a relationship, most often it creates an attractive dysfunctional union the Empath gives so much that they tire themselves out.


They’re going to give and try to repair the Narcissist and the relationship, but they never manage it.

The Narcissist will never see another view because their self-ego will not permit it, so there is never any motive for them to change. An attempt to help them and draw any attention to their bad behavior generally makes the Narcissist even worse, because it is contradicting the cravings of their ego.empath and narcissist 3

This need to fix the relationship often destroys the Empath. It is at this point that the Empath comes to an understanding; this is how things are. Although this experience with the Narcissist is crushing and painful, the Empaths often go through an awakening and usually learn their lessons, while the Narcissist stays the same.

What are your thoughts about the empath and narcissist union? Have you been in this type of relationship, if you have please share your experience?



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