Traits Of Aries – Characteristics And Personality

Traits Of Aries – You can be aggressive, someone who can tackle problems with a headlock. You are enthusiastic and fearless to the very extreme. You have a strong sex drive and you are very appropriately an extrovert. But you do have some disadvantages because of your ego. Despite the fact that you are the leader within your group, you don’t always have the knowledge needed to be a leader.traits of aries

Traits Of Aries



You might perhaps show qualities of roguish or blunt behavior and a lack of pragmatism when you’re dealing with people. Nevertheless, you have strong emotions and you are courageous, and you manage to advance your way forward in risky situations.

When there is a new venture, you are the right person for the job. You tend to have an aggressive approach with the opposite sex, just like your life you are full steam ahead. As an Aries you have excellent enthusiasm and stamina, this comes from your character of being your own master, but this may contribute to lack of style and elegance.


You never seem to talk a lot or justify your points, you work your way and assert your supremacy. You can decide for yourself if this is good for leadership. Your not the social type but you are very helpful, even a bit gullible. Maybe this is the reason why some people can take advantage of you and be successful at it.

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Other traits of Aries are that you are daring, impulsive, full of life, and very philosophical. The qualities that will hinder your success are, self seeking, intolerance, envy, and flexibility.

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