Traits Of Cancer – Characteristics And Personality

Traits Of Cancer – As a Cancerian you are rather unsophisticated within yourself and you are likely to move about in search of opportunities. It’s also widely known that you are protective and sensitive. You are very much family oriented and find it easy to blend into environments.traits of cancer 2

Traits Of Cancer



There are many other aspects to your character. You seem to have a special love for the spot light, you like to be admired, desired and loved which is a very dominant trait of your personality. You can be touchy and can get very emotional more so than other signs. You seem to have a sense of purpose for everything, you can bear almost anything if you feel the results are worth it.

You are someone who likes to move in all directions to reach your destination, and you are the only one who can manage to pull this off. This also allows you to increase your money making opportunities, and soon enough you might find yourself in a large money making firm. You do have an inherent feeling of insecurity and timidness, and this stops you from taking risks and therefore suppresses your growth.


You have strong sense of likes and dislikes and predetermined notions. Talking on the subject of of your sex drive, you obviously display a natural craving for closeness. You desire intimacy from your mate, failing that you tend to build walls between you and your partner. To conclude you have a obsession for money and luxuries that can bring you comfort.

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The traits of Cancer which make you lucky are understanding, desire to success, imaginative and trust worthiness. Traits that may hinder your success are, pride, moodiness, pessimism, and your tendency to get hurt easily.

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