Traits Of Gemini – Characteristics And Personality

Traits Of Gemini – Gemini symbolizes the dual edged character which you possess. You are someone who has an amazing mind and you are much more than a person who just calculates and judges. You tend to be curious, new ideas that are unique come to you effortlessly, and these ideas never lack any style or elegance.traits of gemini 1

Traits Of Gemini



Your twin edged character makes you quite determined and stationary, but freakish from time to time, you are very honest in your relationship with your partner but at the same time you have habit of flirting with others. You seem to be quite swift and love to take command, but you have difficulty staying on top or being in charge. You can’t live without communicating, so you have a tendency to reach out to people.

You are quite the clever person; you never seem to miss a chance to make money fast. However you seem to spend all the money you make with ease. You tend to be smart and funny and this seems to attract people to you, but you have less focus on your objects and goals in life. You are quite susceptible to mood changes and this seems to hinder your sense of purpose. So you should try gain control of yourself.

Traits of Gemini that you make you lucky are sense of humor, brilliancy, happy and cheery. Traits that may hinder your success are happy go lucky, messy, cruelty and incompatible.

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