Traits Of Taurus – Characteristics And Personality

Traits Of Taurus – The zodiac sign taurus signifies manhood, stamina, strength, potency and perseverance. Most often you seem calm and peaceful, but when something bothers you can turn dangerous and wicked. You want your life to be stable and not unsettled with unexpected changes.traits of taurus

Traits Of Taurus



You tend to carry an air of stability and sensibility which makes you rather valuable. You have a natural desire to build stuff which is the reason why you are faultless when it comes down to managing money, people and duties. You are very much attracted to luxuries that can come with money and you are prepared to work for them. Another trait you have is that you have a hospitable and philosophical side of your personality and you crave physical pleasure.


You are consistent with everything that you do or say, very rarely change opinions; also you have a distinctive temper, which comes in short burst with no warning. When you are moody, you like to keep yourself busy with work. You have a habit of getting restless and mischievous when your idle. You have a caring heart about your family and friends. Within you there is a double world, a normal world and spiritual world which goes to the extreme.

Traits of Taurus which make you lucky are reliable, realistic, openhanded and arty. Traits which hinder you are stubbornness, possessiveness, self indulgence and lethargy.

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