Often there is a twin flame age difference, we wonder why this is? We can learn more about this by understanding things from the beginning.

When the Universe was born, and along with it conscious beings, in order to create a physical plane, our souls had to break into two in order to enter a physical body. This is how twin flames were born.

Twin flames, it should be said, are entirely different from soulmates. Soulmates are different souls that come from the same fabric. In the physical plane, they come in the form of friends, mothers, siblings, and sometimes as lovers.

Twin flames, however go deeper than that. Twin flames are two parts of yourself that have to find each other on the physical plane in order to elevate again into a higher consciousness.

Most of the time, it takes several lifetimes for twin flames to find each other on the physical plane. It usually depends on how well you know or recognize yourself.

In each of their lifetimes, twin flames have a silver thread connection that ties them together, and they eventually find each other. However, recognition is a different matter altogether.

When you haven’t taken the time to know yourself, it is most likely that you won’t recognize yourself in another person as well.

Why is there a twin flame age difference?

Twin flame relationships are more intense than other relationships. As they combine to an elevated consciousness, it becomes a challenge to love two parts of yourself.

It is no surprise then that there are more obstacles that come with twin flame relationships. It might even result to twin flame separations.

When both of you are not ready to own both parts of yourself, the world lets you go through several other reincarnations in order to prepare yourself even further.

These relationships are rare, to begin with if only because recognizing your twin flame is a challenge in itself. It takes several reincarnations before two twin flames meet in the right time and space. This means that you might meet your twin flame at a different stage in his physical life.twin flame age difference 2

This will entail vast differences in age, culture, and upbringing among others. Because you meet on the physical plane, all these differences might prove to be a challenge.

However, it is important to realize that you are not meant to be together in this plane. You are meant to achieve elevated consciousness.

Twin Flame Age Difference: You reincarnated at different times

It also means that you will have to consciously break the barrier built by this society. Twin flames can have big age differences of about 10 to 40 years. While your souls were born at the same time, it may have gone into the physical plane at a later time, which results in this huge age difference.

If you age gap is less, that means both of your souls have synchronized themselves in order to make meeting easier, although this isn’t always the case.

While the connection is palpable, one of the twin flames may let fear get in the way and deny the connection.

As a more mature twin flame, your job at this time is to be patient and understanding. Be present in his or her life but do not force the issue. You will eventually find yourselves more prepared in the future.

To summarize We know that twin flame age difference happens because we have reincarnated at different times, our life experiences were different. Other elements include our karmic cycle and stages of death/rebirth cycle, that’s a discussion for another time, we leave you in peace. Namaste.