Twin flame ascension is the process that leads to the higher dimension of one’s self. It shifts you to higher consciousness. It is the purification process for you and your twin flame. Many times, this beautiful process serves as the wake-up experience, but this process can also lead to the stage when one becomes twin flame runner.

When both twin flames are working to achieve the same goal, i.e. ascension, they are working not with one world only but with the systems of worlds. They are attaining the perfection of inner self.
Twin flame connection is quite mystic.

Twin Flame Ascension

When twin flame Ascension starts, everything that is normal before seems strange. During this process, there are true incidents when both of them have changed everything in their lives – from their diet to living patterns because nothing seemed right.

It is essential that during the twin flame Ascension, both people cooperate. If one doesn’t feel ready, the other could not achieve the higher spiritual level. But when the harmony is achieved, it seems like the process was all natural and there were no hurdles. When both are awakened, they get an unexplainable clarity and calmness. When this level is achieved, both synchronise their goodness and share soothing energy. The result is achieving a loving life that is not bound to time only.

It is important to remember that twin flame Ascension is a lengthy process. It could not be achieved in few days, but it could take years. There are certain points to know:

The Process Doesn’t Last Forever: It may seem like a lengthy process, but it doesn’t last forever. You will achieve the height someday. When the process ends, you will attain the inner peace. But that doesn’t mean that you will stop learning; you will evolve and rise for your whole life.

A Cleansing Process: This process brings you and your twin together. All the problems that are coming in the way are there for a perfect start. It solves all the problems, so they don’t bother you in life again.

Meditation can Help: You can boost up this process by meditating. It clears your mind and helps you to see things more clearly. As the twins are a mirror image of each other, any process that leads to positivity is one step towards ascension.

Don’t Leave: Your mind may divert you to other paths again and again, but you need to trust your heart. If you leave once, then there’s a chance that there is no returning. Don’t be a runner and stay to attain the higher level of love and calmness.

In a twin flame Ascension, both twins have to play their part. They both achieve the higher spiritual level individually and then when their energies combine; they can make miracles. It is not a happy process, but something with so many highs and lows. Staying and fighting with whatever comes in the way are the essential tools for getting the success. All the right things happen with the price, and here you have to pay lots of time and efforts to gain ascension.