Twin flame ascension comes after the runner and chaser stage of the union. It is the time when both souls have started to accept their counterpart. They have emotionally and spiritually awakened for their twin.

You and your twin grow together to achieve your higher self. The main aims of the twin flame relationship are to enjoy divine love and harmony; to have the peace that is unknown for the unawakened souls, and to become one with your twin. There are different twin flame ascension stages. Every stage is a step towards betterment.

Everything Seems Strange:

All the things you have known previously either hold no meaning or feel strange. As you ascend higher, you allow your spiritual part to play its role, and thus standard human things don’t feel the same. You might change your living habits; from your room arrangement to your eating style, everything changes.

Your Twin Becomes Most Important

At the separation stage, one or both twins are unable to understand the other. They don’t know why there’s a great energy pull; but when the ascension starts, you allow this attraction to reach its peak. Your twin becomes the most important person on earth. You both are ready to work on spiritual, emotional and physical levels to achieve your spiritual place of harmony.

Twin Flame Union

You and your partner are now on a fairytale journey of happily ever after. Your love will grow to nurture your soul. It doesn’t mean that everything will go as you expected; no, but there is acceptance for the change.

Your unconditional love will teach you to ignore the flaws of your twin and make them appear as the perfect creature. Finding the twin flame doesn’t mean that you have found a person who is like a movie-star, but it is about loving an imperfect person who seems perfect to you. The same is the story at your end, you are not perfect, and you know it very well.

At this stage, both twins love each other seamlessly. Formerly, before the separation, the mood of one twin produces its impact on other. But now, things have changed. As you are heading towards purity of your soul, you are not dependent on each other’s behaviour. You have a purified soul now, who has learnt to let go and forgive.

 Ascension as a Whole:

Ascension is not a single day process. It is a long journey that moulds you in many ways. When you achieve your spiritual place in higher realms, you feel like everything has stopped, and only you and your twin are running in the flow.

Both twins work as the light for the other and show the right path that leads towards forever happiness. To reach this stage, both partners have gone through the tough stages in which soul has to decide what is wrong and what is right. It is not something that occurs to you when you wake up in the morning. It could take months to years to purify your soul and achieve your higher self with your twin flame.