Twin flames are two people borne of the same energy, split at birth into two souls. They embody the same energy but manifest as mirrors of each other.

Different to soul mates, twin flames exist not to be each other’s partners in life but instead to provide lessons about who we are.

When we meet our twin flame we are not meeting our soul mate, but someone who will lay the groundwork for preparing us for our soul mate.

These relationships can often be difficult and tumultuous, but serve to teach us things about ourselves that we simply cannot learn any other way.

This is why we feel so drawn to our twin flame, even if it sometimes feels as though the person is wrong for us, or us for them.

We need our twin flame to bring about the changes in us that will prepare us for our soul mate. That makes our twin flame one of the most important people we will ever encounter.

The Astral Plane is where we often meet our twin flame for the first time since we split from them.

We all exist on both the physical plane and the astral plane, though most people do not recognise the latter.

The astral plane is most often accessed during sleep, through dreams. While on the astral plane, we are no longer limited by the familiar constraints of the physical plane and can cover what would otherwise be insurmountable distances to connect with other souls.

It is through our access to the astral plane that we can connect with our twin flame. But how can we go about this?

Know The Journeys Of Your Astral Body

The first stage of making a conscious effort to meet your twin flame on the astral plane is to bring the experiences you have on the astral plane back with you.

In practical terms, keeping a dream journal can help you to understand the physical plane what you are experiencing in the astral plane.

Look Out For Signs Of Interdimensional Dreaming

Now that you have your dream journal and you are keeping notes on your experiences, you can start to look for signs that your consciousness is travelling to the astral plane.

Common signs are travelling in elevators or climbing stairs, scaling hills or mountains, any journey upwards may be made manifest in your dreams when you are travelling to the astral plane.

Pay particular attention to your experiences after such a journey.

Shun The Lower Emotions, Embrace Love

Once we are in tune with the astral plane and our place within it, we may finally search for our twin flame. To do this, we need to pay particular attention to our emotions.

When we experience emotions like fear, jealousy, anxiety and shame, the lower emotions consume us.

Connection with our twin flame can be made difficult when we are preoccupied with these lower feelings.

To connect with our twin flame on the astral plane, we must let go of the lower emotions and embrace the higher emotions, such as love, forgiveness and empathy.

Embracing these feelings allows the connection that exists between twin flames to strengthen.