Twin Flame Bad Timing: Destiny does not abide by our schedule. Things happen when we aren’t expecting them, things don’t happen when are. It’s one of the great ironies of life.

And that irony has a funny way of touching our twin flame relationship.

A common message we get from people is that they have finally encountered their twin flame – but the timing is just awful for them.

They are in a relationship, or they are about to start a job halfway across the country, or one of many other reasons that prevent them from embarking on a spiritual journey with their twin flame.

In fact, this happens more often than we might think.

So, for the benefit of those going through this right now, let’s dig into why this might be happening and what we might do about it.

Twin Flame Bad Timing: The First Lesson

The twin flame relationship can be thought of more as a journey than as a conventional relationship.

This journey holds within it a series of lessons that we must learn to further ourselves – that is, make the changes within us that are required for our spiritual journey towards ascension.

When our twin flame pops up at the most inopportune time, we might see this as the first of these lessons.

Because the truth is that we are only masters of ourselves. We do not have control over the rest of the universe, and we must be prepared for that.

We must decide whether to make a sacrifice or not. The harder this decision is, the more important it might prove to be.

After all, we have decided to enter this life by sacrificing our spiritual selves. We can get our spiritual selves back later in life, but we all grow up in a purely physical world.

For the soul that existed before we were born, this cannot have been an easy sacrifice to make.

And through our lives, we experience many, many decisions that require us to make a sacrifice.

When we see it in this way, we should search within ourselves for what we truly need. And right now, we might not need the twin flame relationship.

On the other hand, we might discover that the thing that is keeping us from entering the twin flame relationship is not as important to us as we previously thought. There are lessons to be gained from that, too.

My Saviour

On the flip side, it might be that this is not “bad timing” at all. It might be perfect timing.

Sure, it doesn’t feel like it. Now. But our twin flame might have turned up just in time to stop us falling down a path that will hurt us in the long run.

We have reached a crossroads, and our twin flame offers a better path.

Whatever the case may be, whether this is bad timing or good timing in disguise, we should take this opportunity to take a breath and consider where we are going in our life.