Twin Flame Break Ups: When To Part Ways

Twin Flame Break Ups: The twin flame relationship is an intense and tumultuous journey that lasts many lifetimes. There are some situations where twin flames need to break up.

This might sound counter-intuitive because it is commonly thought that twin flames are supposed to be lifelong partners.


But everybody’s twin flame relationship is different, and sometimes this relationship is simply not right for you and your spiritual journey.

Let’s explore some of the reason why twin flames might break up.

Twin Flame Break Ups: Abusive Relationships

The twin flame relationship is based on unconditional love at the soul level. It represents kinship and oneness as a property of consciousness in the universe.

But the soul does not control our behaviour.

So while your twin flame may love you unconditionally at the soul level – and you may love them, the personalities involved colour how that manifests into a relationship on the physical plane.


And some people are abusive.

If you are suffering mental, physical or emotional abuse at the hands of your twin flame, then we have just one piece of advice:

Get out, safely.

The universe does not want you to be abused, to endure suffering at the hands of your twin flame. It wants love, learning and oneness to propagate through consciousness in itself.

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If your twin flame is abusing you, then the right thing to do – both for yourself and for the universe as a whole – is to escape that abuse.

Other Reasons

While abusive relationships are the primary reason for a twin flame break up, there are other less serious reasons why it might be the best option to break off your relationship with your twin flame.

Some twin flame relationships just aren’t supposed to be lifelong partnerships.

But often people who meet their twin flame automatically jump into a relationship with them before they have worked out exactly what shape their unique twin flame relationship is supposed to take.

When you realise this – perhaps because your goals in your relationship are too far apart – it can lead to a painful break up where neither of you wants to break up.


Unfortunately, you both know that you need to part ways.

Know that it is okay to do this. It is right, in fact. But if you have tried everything to make it work, you have no other options, and that is fine.

You should now concentrate on breaking up in such a way that a continuing friendship can endure. After all, that might be precisely the form your twin flame relationship is supposed to take.

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And for those of you who are just beginning on the twin flame journey, take lessons from the mistakes of others. Take a step back and think about the kind of relationship you might share with your twin flame.

There are many, many forms of twin flame relationship. Don’t get stuck in one when another might be far more spiritually rewarding.

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