Before we discuss the twin flame characteristics, we should familiarise with what a twin flame union is. A twin flame union is an ultimate union with the highest purpose. Twin flames tend to be our real life reflections that involve lots of passion and pain as well.

At certain circumstances, twin flames do meet but at times they cross paths unknowingly, and they do not recognise each other.

Twin flames often referred to as twin souls.

Listed below are twin flame characteristics you might be familiar with:

Twin flames are mirrors, not Twins

One of the misconceptions is that some believe twin flames are like biological twins, thinking twin flames are supposed to be physically similar. Twin flames are mirrors; they reflect the good in you, and also the bad. It’s the highest union as our twin flame will reflect our deepest love, passion and fears in life.

Similarities in life experiences of twin flames

Twin flames have similar childhood experiences, and this goes into adulthood. Twin flames can usually have a similar experience around the same time in their past life, independent of their backgrounds. They have shared interests or share reciprocal traits like hobbies, the food they consume their talents, passion and personalities. They usually have a shared vision for their life in future.

Common physical and emotional pain

Essentially, twin flames are the same soul but in different bodies. Therefore emotionally and physically, they hurt similarly.

Unusual coincidence in their birth dates

For twin flames, there will always be a connection in their birth dates or important dates or figures in life. It might be that one of the twin flames has a birthday very close to the other or rather their birth months coincide.

Unique feeling when they meet

Once twin flames meet, both have a sense of excitement and comfort. The voice of a twin flame triggers a feeling of familiarity and tranquillity. Staring into one’s twin flame eye gives the potential to feel the similarity of their souls since the eye is said to be an opening into one’s soul.

Excellent romantic relationships

Twin flames are transformed after meeting each other, especially if it is a romantic relationship. Venturing into a relationship with a twin flame can either turn you into the best or worst.

Telepathic communication

This means that twin flames can communicate and understand each other through their feelings and emotions. Independent on the distance, twin flames do communicate telepathically. When they are physically away from each other, the calls they make or the text messages they send usually coincide either structurally or by the time difference.

Twin flames also might have the same dream at the same time When they converse face to face, twin flames come up with the most profound and unique suggestions and notions.


Peace between twin flames brings along a beautiful feeling because it brings along love and positivism. Pain comes in when there is no peace between the twin flames. Negativity creeps in, and this might cause lots of trouble. The experience of having a twin flame is unique and extraordinary in some cases. Usually, one’s heart and inner feelings detect and identify their twin flames