The twin flame relationship is uniquely spiritual in its nature, representing a partnership within the soul between two being split from it.

Its patterns and peculiarities are well known, and well known to be difficult for both twin flames.

Perhaps the most challenging period in the twin flame relationship is the runner/chaser period.

During this time, one of the twin flames will run from the relationship while the other will pursue the relationship regardless.

This is a tumultuous time for both parties, but it is necessary in that it serves to prepare both twin flames for the spiritual journey they must embark on together.

Usually, this period of the twin flame relationship is resolved when the runner stops running, and the chaser finally achieves their goal.

On rare occasions, however, the runner will stop running only to discover their chaser has turned runner themselves.


To understand this phenomenon, we need to understand why twin flames run.

The runner can run for a few reasons. Primary among these is that the runner may not believe in the whole concept of twin flames or even spirituality in its entirety.

Not believing in the spiritual side of life is entirely understandable.

After all, we are not taught it in school, many of us are not brought up with these beliefs, and until we experience it for ourselves, it is a little difficult to believe in the concept of twin flames.

But the fact is, they feel exactly what a twin flame runner feels and eventually, like all twin flame runners, they will stop running.

Other reasons runners run include being committed to an existing relationship, social pressure from friends and family or, and this is a big one, fear.

Fear of the intensity of the twin flame relationship. Fear of having their perception of the world transformed overnight. Fear of heartbreak and pain.

Fears fade, and all runners stop running eventually.

Runner To Chaser, Chaser To Runner

The problem arises when the runner stops running, only to discover they now have a twin flame runner.

The chaser, up until this point, has been pursuing the twin flame relationship with fervour.

So why, when they finally get the opportunity to get what they want, do they suddenly start to run from it?

Well, they have fallen victim to the same fears. They have built up the twin flame relationship, and they understand the importance of it and the challenges that lay within it. They know that it is a forever relationship.

And that is scary.

The fact is, they would not run if they were ready for the twin flame relationship. The root of this fear is the spirit guides telling them that now is not the right time.

One or both of the twin flames still have spiritual work to do on themselves before embarking on a new spiritual journey with their twin flame.

And that might be frustrating. That might seem unfair. But, though it might be both of those things, rest assured that what this is, more than anything else, is necessary for your spiritual journey.