Twin flames have immaculate spiritual energies. They are mirror images of each other, and afraid to see their reflection in their partner’s eyes because they are unwilling to accept themselves.

The chaser – a title assigned to the awake counterpart in a twin flame relationship fails to adapt to the intense vibrational spiritual energies hammering their soul.

A twin flame relationship can be indiscernible and overwhelming, and a spiritually underdeveloped chaser might find it hard to cope with it. To sustain this relationship, the chaser must understand their condition, and strive to heal it. Otherwise, they can  fall into an abyss of self-loathing and regret that consumes their soul for many years to come.

Healing a twin-flame relationship is a game of understanding your scars and remedying them.

A chaser must understand the condition of the runner if they wish to find peace in their isolation. They shouldn’t let scars of rejection cloud their judgment. The mind must adhere to perseverance and sheer resolve.

Reality is crushing and crippling, and when you are stabbed continuously by pain, you tend to replace this reality with replacement pleasures. You tend to divert your attention towards the material world and try to find solace in it. It’s like a dose of morphine, but it’s not the cure.

Instead of surrendering to their fears, they must exhibit signs of endurance. They must fight their demons alone, instead of suppressing them.

The answers are not out there but inside her. One way to spiritually detox yourself is to face your fears. You can’t exhaust your fears, but you can always try to understand and make peace with them. You can heal herself this way.

Chasers, when they are in a twin flame relationship give up on the runners because they misunderstand what they’re going through.

The chaser and the runner are both haunted by similar fears of rejection, abandonment, humiliation, injustice and this syndicate of worries leads them astray. It creates misunderstandings between them and their partner.

Fear is an antithesis to love. Both can’t co-exist at the same time.

The chaser feels that they will lose their twin flame, and tries to control the relationship. At this point, fear replaces love, and they are easily manipulated by its Machiavellian schemes. The job of a chaser is not to chase the runner, even if the job title states that clearly.

They must love without fear of abandonment. Let go of the chaser label, and define your reality and identity. If the whole world has labelled you as a chaser, don’t listen to them. Your spiritual identity can’t be confined to a single label. You are much more than that.

To love someone, you have to let go of your fears. Otherwise, they will hold you captive and strip off your ability to love. If the chaser understands that, and always takes the side of love, they will not only heal themself, but also inspire their twin flame to steer towards them.