[lmt-post-modified-info]Most of us on this planet feel a deep yearning to find the person who is our perfect match, a connection with our twin flame. We may have been in a few relationships, good ones, bad ones, maybe even ones with a true soulmate!

But we seem to ask ourselves each time, are they ‘the One’? Without knowing it, most of us are referring to our desire to be a twin flame.

They are the ones you can’t live without, the ones who are so similar to you in so many ways that it seems uncanny.

Many will never find their souls in a position to be a twin flame. In this lifetime, young souls will have to be content settling down with a soulmate.

There is nothing wrong with doing so as a soul mate connection is also very significant and can be very fulfilling.

Ask yourself, “could you deal with being a twin flame soul?”

The pace between soulmates is easy going compared to being in a twin flame relationship.

Twin Flame Connection

Twin flame connections are not for the faint of heart. There is no room for procrastination or outdated behavior.

While holding the deepest, purest forms of love for them, we are programmed to push them to be the best they can be.

Too much clearing of baggage and stepping out of comfort zones often sends one of the two away.

The intense demand for vulnerability and coming correct these connections bestow, take a soul equipped for such a task.

Finding Balance

Indeed in a twin flame connection, we may come towards the dance with love. But if partners keep connecting and disconnecting, the moment is lost in the choreography.

In a twin flame connection, you may find that one party is keen to initiate the stages wanting the relationship to move to a higher level.

On the other hand, their partner may not be ready to tackle the upheaval a twin flame commitment takes. Spiritually it is impossible to give someone the same awakening that you have.

It causes intense and painful emotions to surface that they have been suppressing. Most often, they don’t want to deal with it, which makes them want to escape the relationship.

There is absolutely no doubt that when you meet your twin flame, you are both pulled to a more spiritual path, you may wonder when you look back one day, how both of you have come together.

You might see that the courses you both took, which ultimately lead you to each other, could only have been created by a divine force or drive to forge this extraordinary connection.

It may be profound, but in doing this, you will realize how, indeed, your meeting was predetermined.

We understand how the pull to turn away from a twin flame connection may be strong while you are put to the test and challenged in ways you have never been before, but you must resist for the greater reward.

The beginning is always the most intoxicating, hardest, and most beautiful start to a relationship you will have.

It will hurtle along so fast that you will find yourself breaking all your rules and telling yourself to pump the breaks…a lot.

Once you have both decided to surrender and allow for the transformation to happen, you will eventually reach a stage of balance. You finally feel a sense of peace you were ultimately hoping.twin flame connections

Gift or a Curse?

It can take a considerable amount of courage to change one’s life, and it takes a great deal of patience. If you are now in such a partnership, the twin flame connection can either be a gift or a curse.

There are many lessons when one connects with their twin flame, but there is one main reason: to teach each other about accepting love without fear. We need to heal each other of past hurts, emotional pain, and loss.

The twin flame connection unravels the barriers we have put in place throughout our lives, set there to protect us from further pain or avoidance of situations we are fearful.

These boundaries can cause further fear and spiritual blockages as they can sometimes contribute to resistance from our spiritual journeys. However, many of these boundaries we have created subconsciously may give us a false sense of comfort.

The process we begin experiencing upon meeting our twin flame reveals to us these boundaries we created, and it may shock us that the comfort we felt was false.

Many people in this position have an automatic, fear-based response of resistance to this cosmic shift or awakening. This shift can be highly uncomfortable and painful to accept and release, making the connection feel like a curse, although ultimately, it is a blessing.

From my experience, the less one resists this awakening, and the more one gracefully accepts it and flows with it, the easier it will be.

Go with the flow, and don’t let fear hold you back from the blessing behind the shift.

It is imperative one surrenders to the transition into the higher frequency our souls are yearning to resonate with.

Once through the tunnel of transformation, two twin flames will now truly feel their bond strengthen beyond 3D, with peace and divine love.twin flame connections

Twin Flames and 1111

When your twin flame is manifesting themselves in your life, you may see the numbers 1111.

A twin flame is an esoteric concept, which describes a unique soul connection between two mirror souls. A twin flame is supposed to be the example of an eternal relationship between masculine and feminine.

Although it may just be a concept, many people, including myself, have experienced a profound connection with another soul, dubbed a ‘twin flame connection.’

The path that will lead you to your twin flame is one of following your heart to your wildest extent.

Now is the most common time to experience synchronicities and number signs from the universe.

The hieroglyphics, symbols, and numbers flow your way when you are on the right path and in sync with your ultimate purpose.

These signs will be your indicator that you are on the right path, you’re doing the right things and that everything is and will work out in divine order.

Trust these signs, and use them as a guideline when you feel lost.

The most common signs I first experienced in my life were from knowing the exact time to look at the clock, knowing it would be 11:11, or 22:22.

Then I started to ask myself who was calling me every time my phone rang. I got to the point I was always right. Numbers and patterns were beginning to have profound meaning and unveiling synchronicities at every turn.

All these signs allow me to feel reassured on my journey and know that I can keep going in my current direction.

You will know it is a sign from the universe because it will feel profound and perfectly timed in conjunction with your spiritual journey.cosmic relationships

Twin Flame vs. Soulmate

The thought process behind the twin flame versus soulmates is that there is a new era in human evolution where spiritual growth will enhance relationships amongst partners.

So our partners are not just someone we love and enjoy. Instead, they will be someone that makes us want to be a better person.

Based on the story of twin flames, our creation started from one source of energy from the beginning of time. The soul energy divided into two, much like human conception.

The souls kept dividing into more units until there were all the original creator, twin flame souls.

These souls journeyed to Earth to experience duality and guide humanity over many lifetimes ensuring their safe passage between dimensions.

Twin flames vibrate at a much higher frequency than soulmates, and they are the perfect example of the yin/yang.

Although they are two individual souls, they complement each other very well, and they understand and connect in a unique way.

A soulmate may feel like someone you have a lot in common with, and you may get along very well.

With a twin flame connection, it is very different in the way that they are extraordinarily similar to us. The twin flame almost seems like an identical twin in another form.

They are similar to us in so many profound ways, and their strengths complement our weaknesses so perfectly that it feels as though we can get through any struggle or hardship together better than we could on our own.

A soulmate will feel as though we have met someone we think belongs to our lives for a particular purpose. This connection may have you asking if you have met them in a past life.

But with a twin flame, it will feel as though we have assembled a mirror image of ourselves and are no doubt meant to be together no matter what it takes.twin flames

Have I met my Twin Flame?

If you have ever had someone in your life and the connection was uniquely intense, then there is a chance that this person is your twin flame. If we were to meet our twin flame in this life, there would be a significant level of intimacy.

Twin Flame relationships have it all, attraction, repulsion, desire, confusion, devotion, comfort, and understanding. All of these feelings are necessary explorations of our souls for our shared growth.

Addressing these feelings is difficult, but when you do and get through these stages, it gives us a great sense of peace. It would be like returning home, and everything is fresh and warm, inviting, and familiar.

If we are to meet our twin flame in this lifetime, we will feel as though we are searching for something that is missing from us from a young age.

We all, for the most part, want to settle down and find someone right for us. Many often have an intense urgency to unite with the ‘One’.
Unfortunately, developing a feeling of lacking when they don’t.

If you have met your twin flame, you will feel as though they are the ‘One’ and will want to be with them no matter what. This person may make you feel like you can tell them anything.

You can open up past traumas and emotions that you may not have been comfortable with addressing before meeting them. They are your healing person, and you theirs.

A twin flame connection will bring a deep attraction for each other and a strong sense of familiarity when you are together, even if you have only just met.

I believe when you have already met your twin flame, reading this will surely confirm it for you without a doubt that you have met your other half.

If you have not, there is still hope, and remember everything happens with Universal timing. Surrender to the signs, and you might just be lead straight to them.