The twin flame relationship is the most intense spiritual relationship each one of us will enter in to in our lifetimes.

It is an eternal bond over which our current incarnation has no say, one that has existed as long as our soul has existed and will exist until our soul unifies and ascends some time in the cosmologically near future.

And those of us engaged with our spiritual selves are often entranced by the idea of meeting our twin flame.

It excites us and drives us to explore our spirituality in search of this unique connection.

But the first step to meeting our twin flame is identifying the connection that links us.

So what exactly does a twin flame connection feel like?

Like Meeting An Old Friend

The first meeting between twin flames is often described as feeling like the reunion of old friends who had, until that point, forgotten about each other.

This is actually not too far from the truth – you are old friends, in a way.

But we do not need to meet our twin flame to feel that in the connection. The connection exists before the first meeting.

It has always existed. Experiencing a feeling of kinship, perhaps concentrated by meditation within the heart chakra, is a sign that you are feeling this twin flame connection.

Gentle Pull

The twin flame connection manifests on the spiritual plane as a silver cord.

It is elastic and unbreakable – but it prefers to be as short as possible.

In essence, it pulls the twin flames together very gently, yearning to unify and ascend the two souls.

If we concentrate that feeling with meditation and visualisation, it feels strangely akin to having spotted a beautiful flower in a field of dull grasses.

We immediately feel the urge to move towards that beautiful flower, even if we have no intention of picking it.

Intense Love Energy

We love our twin flame, in spirit if not in person. That is because we are one with them – we are them, and they are us and one day there will be no distinction.

We can feel this in the intense love energy held within the silver cord that represents our twin flame connection.

Concentrate on the heart chakra, located in the centre of the chest. Feel the energies that emit from it and hone in on the silver cord.

It will be the most potent beacon of love and kindness and kinship. It will feel like an old friend towards whom you are gently pulled towards.

Then immerse yourself in that energy. That is the twin flame connection, the silver cord that binds us together for eternity until ascension.

And remember that feeling. Because one day you will experience it for real when you are reunited with your twin flame.

And every time you are with them, you think of them, or they think of you, you will be awash in these feelings.