Twin Flame Connection Lost: Due to emotional unrest and conflicting spiritualties, twin flames estrange themselves from each other in the initial phases of their relationship.

When twin flames lose their connection, it rocks their worlds. It’s a soul-shattering experience. And not every twin flame is ready to cope with its bruising effects.

That’s why it’s important to know the underlying reasons behinds this separation. The reason why twin flames lose their connection.

The Runner Chaser dynamic

Everything crashes after the initial fairy-tale period of the twin flame relationship. Their love cleaves because of the emergence of the runner and chaser dynamic.

Insecurities and fears that remained suppressed in the subconscious for decades resurface. Self-ego reasserts its dominance.

At this point, you have to remember that, for every disease, there is a cure. Whatever you felt with your twin flame ― intense affection, familiarity ― it was all real.

The purpose of a twin flame relationship is to align us with our true purpose in life.

The sole purpose of our existence is to fill our being with perpetual love and accept as the divine source made us.

Our twin flame makes us confront the harrowing past that has held us back from self-acceptance all our lives.

We only learn to break-free from our self-ego when we confront it. Otherwise, it latches on to our back and gradually disintegrates our soul.

Spiritual and psychological immaturity

Not only do humans grow physically, but they also grow spiritually. But spiritual growth demands pain and confrontation.

The food of the soul is love, and the one thing that chips away at love is our self-ego. Twin flames who have run from love all their lives lack spiritual growth.

Due to this spiritual immaturity, they are unable to interpret their emotions and emotions of people around them. The only way they know how to cope with emotional conflicts is ignorance.

They shut themselves down and instead of letting love heal them; they take the refuge of worldly illusions. They become so stubborn that they refuse the love of their twin flame entirely.

Their self-ego traps them in a life of neglect and regret. They think that they’re in control, but they’re actually not.

Low Self-esteem

A healthy and functional twin flame relationship requires self-love and respect. If you don’t have the love for yourself, you will never completely learn to love your twin flame.

Your self-hatred will always hold you back from accepting their love.

Whenever you see yourself in the mirror, you’ll see a monster that doesn’t deserve love.

You have to remember that your twin flame doesn’t see you that way. He/she accepts you, despite what you think of yourself.

Wrong timing

Life prepares us for everything. It teaches us lessons that propel us towards success. Sometimes, we find our twin flames early on in our lives.

At this point, we’re not ready for them. That is why often the twin flame relationships collapse before it even starts.

You have to embark upon your spiritual journey to find yourself, to finally deem yourself worthy of your twin flame.

Travel, love, meet new people because every positive experience will contribute your spiritual maturity and help you realise the worth of your fated partner.