Twin Flame Counterfeit: Soulmates, Twin Flames And Fake Flames

Twin flame Counterfeit: Twin flames are such complex individuals that understanding them takes time and spiritual insight.

That is why we often fall prey to counterfeit twin flames who feast on our life energy like parasites.


We create an inseparable bond with them and take desperate measures to keep them in our lives.

Our naivety makes us loom in a karmic relationship.

Twin Flame Counterfeit

We don’t figure out the true identity of fake twins until they’ve inflicted a fair share of emotional damage.

So, how can we distinguish between the real and the fake twin and spare ourselves the pain and suffering?

Difference between soul-mates and twin flames

Happiness misleads people. It is a gross misconception on our part that a twin flame is meant to feel us liberated.


Our soul-mates might make us feel secure and stable, but our twins play an entirely different role in our lives.

They unsettle our comfort zones, propelling us towards spiritual illumination.

Their purpose is to thrust towards everlasting love and light. And spiritual evolution is a continuous physical and cerebral struggle.

You can’t just hope to increase your vibration by just lying around in your cosy bed of worldly temptations.

Difference between twin flames and counterfeit twin flame

Although the initial phase of a twin flame relationship may be quite similar to a counterfeit twin flame relationship, it gradually transforms into an unsettling cat-and-mouse chase.

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One of the twins is almost always spiritually immature (mostly the male).

He runs away from the love of her spiritually evolved feminine lover.

This gives rise to the runner-chaser dynamic. In estrangement, the runner must resolve his emotional conflicts and subdue his inner demons.

The chaser has had a troubling past. All his life, he has been taught to turn his back on love.

But when he meets his destined partner, he initiates the healing process.

Soul-mate relationships are not disturbed by such complications.

They are not meant to last. Soul-mates are solely stepping stones towards our twin flames.

They come in our lives to teach us valuable lessons that prepare us for our soul-mates.

They serve no other purpose. So, if you have lost a soul-mate, don’t think that all is lost.

Love will knock on your door once again. All you have to do is persist in your spiritual journey.

Counterfeit twin is a stepping stone towards the real twin

Before stumbling upon your true twin flame, you will always come across a counterfeit twin flame.

Unlike, soul-mates, our twin flames make us feel lost and forlorn.


They feel like the real thing, but the hurting never ends, and instead of spiritually evolving, your vibration stoops to an all-time-low in their company.

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That is why; we need to muster up the courage to let go of them.

And trust me, when the time is right, you won’t hesitate to cut your ties with them.

You will hasten towards the corridor of estrangement, and you will wait unknowingly for your real flame.

The best way to know the difference between an authentic twin and a counterfeit one is by listening to your intuition.

We must analyse how we feel inside when we’re around them. Ask yourself.

Is this the person you want to spend your entire life with despite the constant anguish? If yes, then, they are your twin flame and worth the struggle.

If not, then they are just an imposter, and you should devise a way to break free from them for the sake of your spiritual security.

Article written by spiritualunite. Please link back to the original article when sharing. Namaste.


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