Twin flame relationship has many stages. It initiates with the intense attraction towards each other. Then, there’s a sense of unexplained love that continually increases.

After the love bubble phase, one of the twin flames loses interest and ends the relationship, ouch.

The other one chases in pain and agony. They may reunite and break up again to start the cycle again.

However, once they recognise each other, the real twin flame relationship begins, without ego and the need for physical gratification to continue the relationship.

The first love between twin flames leads to romance and mystically connects the two bodies. But, the divine love doesn’t depend on physical connection only; it leads to a spiritual affiliation that makes you feel complete.

Twin flames are one soul in two bodies and finding your counterpart fulfils its purpose when you start to embrace the divine love.

True love is not like a roller coaster ride. It doesn’t have a starting and end point like conditional love. Divine love is like a circle that doesn’t have any finish line.

It is the infinite love that doesn’t follow the rules of this world. Conditional love has its limitations. For instance, it always requires the return of love in a particular manner. When you fail to provide the defined love, there’s always frustration and anger.

But, when twin flames achieve the divine love, there are no adverse reactions. When there is no negativity, twin flames can work on connecting with their higher self without any distraction.

Divine love is free from time. That’s how unconditional love connects us to spirituality. It comes from Spirit and helps us to understand what remained unseen before. This power makes you see your counterpart as the perfect being, even though they have flaws. You are not judging them from your physical eyes, but from your mental eyes, that can see the soul.

The love you have for the twin flame is free from physical bond, and you love them long before when you meet them. And if due to the worldly problems, you and your twin flame have separated, you can still feel their love nurtures your soul.

When twin flames recognise their mission of embracing divine love, they go into the phase of spiritual union. It is the mixture of friendship, romance and unconditional love. During the whole process, the goal is to attain your higher self and free yourself from the physical bond of this world.

Achieving your soul’s purpose doesn’t benefit you two only but others around you as well. It is the power of the divine love that makes you a good human being. You learn to love everyone with the open heart.

However, remember that attaining the divine love is not a single day procedure. You need to be patient and work on your flaws and spiritually be a better person by connecting with your higher self.

The path is full of hurdles and you should remain patient. Twin flames are meant to love and care for each other and embrace divinity in them, but it is the process of trust and willingness that requires a lot of effort to unite us with the Universe.