The twin flame number 22 can awaken the dormant powers of our soul. It can lead us to a moment of truth that can transform our lives forever.

We can align with our higher self and change the way we perceive life. We can have a clear vision. It can drive us towards our real purpose in life.

If you frequently see the number 22 in different shapes and forms, it is an indicator that you are undergoing a process of twin flame DNA activation.

As the embedded codes in our DNA activate, we open our hearts to the divine and eternal love that edges us closer to our twin flames.

It creates a sacred bond between the feminine and masculine forms of a twin flame relationship, freeing them off negative energies and tendencies in the process.

We become consciously connected to the universe and live life fully, without any mental restraints, holding us back.

The two strands of our DNA are surrounded by 11 auric fields spread throughout our body.

That is why whenever we visualise the number 11:11, we are decrypting specific hidden codes in the DNA that unleash our real abilities and give us spiritual and physical powers that bolster our twin flame relationship.

Benefits of Activating & Attuning your DNA

Twin flame DNA activation can make us realise the actual powers of our DNA. In our life, we suppress its capabilities due to fear, rejection, abandonment and other negativities.

We merely discard those parts of the DNA and label them as Junk DNA. Once we eradicate these fears and scars from our minds, the twin flame DNA activation process starts.

This activation brings with it a variety of spiritual and physical perks. You don’t feel exhausted anymore.

You feel as if you can mentally and physically exert yourself for more extended periods of time.

You no longer feel the urge to adopt bad eating habits. The ability of your digestive system to perform its functions enhances.

The process of ageing slows down as you purge your body of toxic chemicals. Depression, anxiety and other mental health problems do not perturb you like the way they did before.

You feel in control and calm. You feel as if a wave of inner peace has settled in your heart. Your intuition and your dreams guide you towards your life mission.

The tendency to overthink and overanalyse is shunned.

Spiritually, the twin flame DNA activation strengthens the bond with your twin flame. It does so by aligning you with your higher self, which guides you towards clarity and peace of mind.

It cleanses you of all the hate and negative energies you’ve amassed in your mental capacities.

You develop a tolerance towards materialistic things that sway you away from your true purpose in life.

Once you are free of all the negative thoughts and insecurities, your twin flame relationship heads towards a steady period.

This divine DNA activation has corrected all the things that destabilized it.

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