Twin Flame Dream: Are You Dreaming About Your Twin Flame?

Twin flame dream can happen any time in your life time, most of us encounter our twin flame much later in our lives.. after many soul mate relationships. When a twin flame dream occurs earlier in your life, the dreams allows you to see the possibility of meeting your twin flame partner in the possible future.

To dream about your twin flame, know the connection is very deep, there are no limitations or restrictions the mind can ever place upon it, it feels though you are questioning your mind and heart back and forth. Your real self loves your twin flame beyond any reasons your minds effort to try control your feelings or even try understand them.


This love between twin flame always existed even before life began on earth, so what we feel is our real self remembering and recognizing the other half.

Twin flame dream can happen when you are physically asleep, your spirit does love to astral travel where it can grow, receive love and connection, it wants to go where your desires and life plan is to be. To meet your twin flame in your dream is a possibility, this is the reason why so many mention dreaming of their twin flame before meeting them in physical world, the dreams never stop even after you are together.

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We meet our twin flame in the dream state for reassurance that the connection with them is there, the love is present and to expand our knowledge. There are some challenges we face in this life and to remember pieces of our souls purpose.

Twin flame’s telepathic connection in dreams

Telepathy is a common and natural connection for twin flames. Telepathy happens frequently, as twin flames quite often pick up each others thoughts and feelings. Twin flames always dream of each other and reflect their moods, they feel each other at a distance. Every emotional, mental, physical or spiritual energy is felt by each other.

Dreams are unusual, it involves the other and in this dream state telepathy occurs. Many times twin flames share the same dream of seeing each other in their dreams state, most often before meeting each other. The major theme in twin flame dream is relationship, mostly things needed worked on together.


Twin flame’s Spiritual connection in dreams.

Dreams about your twin flame is a significant part of spirituality. Dreams are basically a reflection of your psychological state and spiritual state. If you are beginning to dream where you are constantly aware… that you are dreaming, its a good sign of your mental and spiritual awakening. Before the actual encounter between twin flames, they will experience their spiritual awakening separately and dreams are part of that awakening.

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Many twin flames experience dreams, maybe you are someone who believes in dreams and encounter many spiritual and insightful dreams. If you are having dreams about someone you don’t know and you have a deep feeling for them in the dream, that’s clue and a sign of reconnecting with your twin flame, the feeling must be romantic in nature, as it is possible to connect with other beings and feel love in a different way. Twin flame dream is a very special way to reconnect with your twin flame and in due time meeting them in physical too.


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