Twin flame dreams: Ever had dreams of your better half. Do they exist??

It is believed that each and everyone of us has that one person they were destined to be with.Your twin flame or as others say it, your soul mirror is a part of you that you may meet once in your lifetime to make you complete in life.

It is quite a rare occurrence as it happens only once in a lifetime. Belief in a higher being or force shows us that upon creation of human being a soul is created. However the soul is split into two and released into the world with the belief that these two souls will come back together and make each other whole and complete again.

Some beliefs such as the ‘symposium dialogue’ say that once there existed beings who had two faces, four hands, four limbs but they were separated into two because they posed as a threat to the gods.


Who are soul mates???

In very many cases the world confuses soul mates and twin flames. Soul mates are believed to be of the same fabric as twin flames were created together as its believed creation takes place in a group. Such souls end up being the people we experience life with. They are our parents, friends, brothers, sisters, teachers and generally people who we go through life with.

They may not be our better halves but they play an important part in our lives; life lessons are learnt with them, they help us in times of need and they offer as guidance in life. They however may last our whole lifetime and some are just temporary but all in all they are important people in the creation of our beings.

Its said we kiss many frogs before meeting our souls other half and this is to prepare us for our twin flames.


Ever had dreams of this person you believe was just born for you??

Sounds crazy but they exist. Meeting them brings such a fulfilling sensation in us but its very rare though. They happen to be people we connect with at a spiritual level and they only come once in our lifetime. Its like meeting you in another body, they might not necessarily be your exact replica but everything about them completes you as a being. Each one of us is believed to have only one soul mirror.twin flame dreams

However we just do not meet them because they are so special people. Before meeting them we have to be complete beings and therefore should be having experience to handle such a connection. We must have learn and understand important aspects of life such as living with others, forgiveness, love and even handling loss.

“There is a light at the end of every tunnel.”

This comes to effect when talking about meeting our twin flames. We often meet our soul mirror just after some dark or hurting moments and most probably its always least when we expect them. We do not go looking for them, the universe brings us together.


Well we all wonder who this twin flame is and probably how to differentiate them from others. Gladly enough there are some signs to direct us, they include;

-We often get attracted back to them however much we separate or even collide in life.

-They at many times in life teach us important aspects of life such as having a purpose in life and even our relationships with others.

-They accept us the way we are and in most cases love the faults in us.

-When with them we feel so relaxed and accepted i.e we just act ourselves.

-We often coincidentally have the same aspects of life and most likely a common purpose in life.

-They might be our opposites and love different things from us but these differences still complement us.

-With them nothing is forced, everything comes to place.

-We find ourselves always being truthful to them no matter what and we share our whole lives with them.

-There is always a feeling that they are the one, there is a very deep intimate connection.

Twin flame dreams, destiny or not, there is that one person for you. No one was ever created to be alone. That one person we want to be with is somewhere waiting for us to set our lives in track and come back to us to make us complete and whole again.