Our twin flames vibrate with the same energy that fuels our spiritual realms. So, when we come across them in the material world, our energy synchronises with theirs, resulting in a fiery exchange.

However, in the initial stages, this exchange between twin flames is unstable, because both the twin flames haven’t resolved personality clashes, and attained a perpetual state of harmony yet.

As long as Self-ego rules over their minds and hearts, their relationship acts like a rocking boat, verging on a disastrous fate.

They must remedy their selves to ensure a harmonious energy transfer. Otherwise, the negative energies that they’ll be diffusing into each other will disrupt their peace and lead them away from each other.

A sacred union with our twins is only possible if we cleanse our spiritual fields of malevolent energies, such as self-hatred, anxiety etc.

Everything around us is energy. It has the potential to seep into every human being and make them feel differently.

When we’re around manipulative people, our demeanour gets laced with anger and insecurity. We absorb their negative energies, and consequently, spread this energy to others around us.

To transfer pure positive energy to others, we must purge ourselves of all these toxic particles inside of us.

That is the only way to ensure a calm energy exchange.

We can do that by practising kindness and generosity on a frequent basis, and by continually striving for inner peace.

Twin flames, although they are mirror souls, are beset by the same problems. Spiritually immature flames have vacillating energies because of their turbulent personalities.

They have unresolved issues in their past, and even though they’re in a temporary state of harmony and peace, something from their past keeps on sucking their positive energy, until none of it remains.

When one of the twin flames is riddled with emotional setbacks, they harm the twin flame relationship, and in severe conditions, turns it into a karmic relationship.

Most of the times, we fail to sustain a twin flame relationship because we’re at different levels of spiritual evolution.

While one of them has found peace and corrected their emotional discrepancies, the other is still finding their feet in the world.

And what happens is that these differences in spiritual energy cause the twin flame energy exchange to end in complete disaster.

The only way to find harmony in your twin flame’s presence is by resolving your emotional unsettlement and progressing towards a state of perpetual love and light.

When we truly accept ourselves, with all our flaws and imperfections, we increase our ability to love by leaps and bounds. Self-ego constricts our ability to love.

It only puppeteers us to spread hate in the world. It makes us do deplorable things and veers us away from our twin flame and fated love.

Our purpose in life is filling ourselves with love and light. We have to add something positive to this world to justify our existence.

Bottomline, a twin flame energy exchange can only end successfully, if clean energy is being transferred between the two.