Twin Flame Experiences On Earth

The world is on the verge of entering the Aquarian age therefore we can now see more and more twin flames incarnating at nearly the same time. Before, it so happened that only one of the twins would be on the earth at one particular time as the other was on the other side. The occurrence of more twin flame experiences is a clear indication that the planet is actually ascending to a higher level of consciousness.

Twin flames are believed to be evolved souls who have really worked on themselves individually, lifetime after lifetime so as to get ready for the reunion.


Twin Flame Experiences On Earth

Twin Flame Purpose

Twin flame relationships are not only about the couple’s desires and needs but also a higher purpose destined for them that they ought to fulfill. You will definitely have your own desires and a great personal encounter together but you will be destined to make an impact to the world in one way or the other as a couple. Your reunion should not only be a blessing to your souls but to the world too as you are created to change the world and bring something of great value to it.

At the ages of 20 and 30 you will still be confined to the family, children, your jobs and taking care of the family. It’s mostly at the ages of 40 and 50 that the two of you have matured enough and grown to the level of understanding your purpose and mission in the world.

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Early 20’s

At the age of our early 20’s you are set to meet people you will have deep connections with and in most cases you might confuse this feeling with the twin flame reunion. The twin flame experiences may be quite similar to this sort of early connection however it may not be it and in most scenarios it isn’t. Such partners are referred to as our soul mates or kindred spirits.

The soul mates are mostly those you have a deep connection with early in life and usually they are the first ones you share a romantic relationship with. Such relationships may not be destined for you but you have to go through them in order to grow as an individual. In order for the twin flame reunion, each of you must be ready and should have learnt different aspects of the world. The soul mate relationships therefore teaches you various aspects of life such as love, loss, how to handle feelings etc.

Early 40’s

Maturity is the greatest factor considered before twin flame reunion as the connection is noted to be too strong and intense to handle. Therefore only those that have mastered the art of controlling themselves and their lives can be given the privilege to help their twin with their lives.twin-flame-experiences

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Most reach the desired level of emotional and spiritual maturity at the age of 40 as this is where the yin-yang balance is experienced. The separation of the twins happens at the beginning of their lifetimes, allowing them to explore the world individually until the age of maturity to handle each other.

However, there are some exceptions; in some rare instances twin flames can meet at quite an early stage in their lives when they still aren’t ready for each other. They will have to go their separate ways, get into other relationships and explore the world by their own. Only after this happens can they be ready to reunite for their special relationship.


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