Meeting your twin flame and going on the journey of ascension to 5D with them can have a multitude of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual effects.

It is by far the most life-changing experience you can ever go through.

But did you know that twin flames can change the colour of each other’s eyes?

If you didn’t, then keep reading! We are about to dive into the link between twin flames and eye colour.

Twin Flame Eye Similarities

It is well known that twin flames often share many physical features.

In particular, twin flames tend to have very similar eyes.

Strangely, though, twin flames rarely have the same eye colour when they meet.

The physical similarities are down to close soul relation. We see this by looking at the members of your soul group.

Most of your soul group contains your soulmates and your twin flame.

They will all share similar physical features with closer relations appearing more similar.

But eye colour is rarely one of them. Why might that be?

Twin Flames Shared Soul

Twin flames are born from the same soul energy.

In other words, they are mirror expressions of the same soul, which is where we get the “twin” part from.

The physical similarities between twin flames comes from this.

But eye colour is different. The eyes are the windows to the soul, and through them, we can see a person’s true self.

When the soul is created (along with our twin flame), we pick up different eye colours because our shared soul energy is expressed differently in each of us.

So that explains the physical similarities between twin flames not extending to eye colour.

But that isn’t the end of the story.

Twin Flame Changing Eye Colour

There is an interesting phenomenon that a lot of people don’t know about that relates to twin flames and eye colour.

As your twin flame journey progresses and you approach ascension to 5D, you will undergo many dramatic changes.

Most of these changes will be mental, emotional and spiritual. But some of those changes are physical.

The most noticeable of those physical changes is eye colour.

You might start a notice a change in eye colour happening gradually throughout your twin flame relationship.

Though in some instances it has happened very quickly.

Usually, one twin will experience more eye colour change than the other as they move towards a shared eye colour.

It is because one twin will be the “leading twin” in the twin flame relationship, and the other will move more towards their partner’s eye colour than vice versa.

Sometimes only one twin’s eye colour will change.

Some people think this indicates that the relationship is unequal, but there is no link – in fact, the twin whose eyes change most is often the twin whose empathic powers are most influential.

Most of the time there is some shared middle ground, though.

The link between twin flames and eye colour is a fascinating one, and the more you read, the more questions jump out.

We know one thing for sure, though – no relationship has more powerful effects on people than the twin flame relationship.