Many of you might be continuously confounded with this question, “Why twin flame feels like obsession?” Many people develop such a deep-rooted emotional bond with their twin flames that they feel suffocated in their absence.

They feel obsessive to such an extent that their twin becomes the sole purpose of their existence. Everything else is just rust and bone to them.

But, trust me when I say this, true love is not obsessive. It’s emotionally liberating. It doesn’t own. It fosters individual as well mutual growth.

Many underlying factors bring about these obsessive tendencies.

Reasons Why Twin Flame feels like Obsession?

Constant Need for Validation

Our relationship with our twins is initially fiery, uncontrolled, unsettling and at times, even overwhelming. This causes sensory overload.

Our senses are swarmed with their thoughts every minute of the day. We fail to focus on simple tasks. We always have this urge to be emotionally and physically intimate with them.

However, these are all obsessive tendencies. For Instance, people in obsessive relationships always feel the need for validation.

They excessively say “I love you “and expect the same in return from their partner.

Whereas, twins communicate through telepathy ―even though they are miles away from each other and can’t verbally communicate, they still know deep within themselves that they love each other.

They don’t need constant reassurance from their partner.

Shedding Beliefs for Self-Acceptance

Obsessive people affect personas to create a public image. They lie to each other, just so that their feelings remain intact.

They willingly disillusion themselves in a dire attempt to gain acceptance from each other. This kind of behaviour is disastrous in the long-term.

True Twin flames are almost always upfront about their feelings. They aren’t afraid to hide their originalities.

They accept each other with all their flaws and imperfections. And in actuality, it is their fallible nature that makes them a perfect complement.

Lacking a Pragmatic Approach towards Life

Obsessive lovers daydream about a fantastical land. They don’t envision a plausible future with their lovers.

They only imagine things to emotionally fulfil themselves. Daydreaming pleases them. They don’t really want to work towards a future with their partners.

Their actions lag behind their promises. Twins that are genuinely in love steer clear of these daydreams. They are guided by their intuitions.

They are ready to overcome any difficulty that befalls their path. This is one of the major reasons why twin flame feels like obsession.

Paying Attention to Superficial Details

Some couples develop an unhealthy obsession with the physical features of their partners. They worship their lover’s eyes or their facial features.

True lovers don’t care for such trifles. They care more about how they relate to their partner. And that is why they have inimitable emotional intimacy.

These are all the reasons why twin flame feels like obsessions. If you and your partner are developing such obsessive tendencies, it’s time to reflect upon them and make amends.