The Twin Flame first meeting sets off fireworks in your mind, body, and soul.

It is a life-changing moment that you will remember for the rest of your life.

Perhaps even longer, depending on your point of view…

This special karmic relationship has been described as “soulmates on steroids,” but in reality, it is its own separate journey.

Soulmates come and go, but there is only one mirror for your soul.

There is no guarantee that you will meet yours in this lifetime. Most people do not.

This is because you both need to be in the right state at the same time, sufficiently evolved so as to be prepared for the journey.

But some twins do unite, and it is happening at an increasing pace in this era of increasing enlightenment. It could happen for you if you are ready for it.

And it all begins with a sign…

Twin Flame First Meeting Synchronicity Signs

Before you first meet, you will receive some signs from the universe. They will be presented to you through the mechanism of synchronicity.

These signs can take many forms, most of which are so subtle as to be practically impossible to spot by random chance.

The most important signs are symbols of romance, calls to a higher purpose, and the numerological numbers.

Symbols of romance include any significant increase in the presence of romance around you.

You might start noticing more couples activities that you wish you could do, or you realize that all of your friends are getting into relationships.

If your Facebook feed switches suddenly to a torrent of relationship status updates and photographs from weddings and honeymoons, then this is a clear sign.

Calls to a higher purpose accompany these signs and typically come from within.

However, you will also be presented with calls to action, where someone or something causes you to seek meaning in your life.

This could include a brush with mortality, a loss of religious faith, or meeting someone who has found meaning that has inspired you to seek the same.

The Twin Flame numbers are relatively easy to spot.

Numbers are absolutely everywhere in modern life, so the machinations of synchronicity need only draw your attention to them.

Rather than look for specific numbers, you should instead allow them to jump out at you as you go about your day.

Afterward you can study the number and (with guidance) intuit the meaning behind it.

However, if you are synchronous with numbers like 11, 11:11 and 1001, then the message is crystal clear:

You are about to meet the mirror of your soul.

Getting To The Twin Flame First Meeting

The day you meet your destined partner, the mirror of your soul and the Yin to your Yang will begin like any other. It quickly goes off the rails.

The universe has conspired to bring the two of you together for the first time, but that is no mean feat.

It requires synchronicity to take you from your comfort zone and get you to the right place at the right time.

Usually, this means that something goes awry, or at least something that takes you out of your pattern.

The shop you typically go to closes, and you are forced to go to another one. Your car breaks down, and you have to take it to a mechanic.

A friend invites you to go somewhere new, and you accept.

Torn from your comfort zone, you are primed for the event of a lifetime.

Unbeknownst to you, your Twin Flame has had exactly the same kind of day you had.

You will discover some way down the line that neither of you planned to be there that day.

In many cases, neither partner can actually remember why on Earth they were there in the first place.

Those that can speak of an invisible force pulling them, though they did not notice it at the time.

But none of that will come up just yet. Something special is about to happen.

Sparks Fly In Twin Flame First Meeting

Your eyes lock from across the room. You know that you should look away, that making eye contact with a stranger in public is a bit weird – but you don’t.

There’s something about them that pulls your attention. You can’t put your thumb on it, but it feels essential.

It’s not just attraction, though that is absolutely there. It’s more than that. In fact, it’s more like recognition, as though you have just seen the person you have been searching for all of your life.

Every part of your body, mind, and soul suddenly bursts with energy.

Butterflies flutter in your stomach, your heart pounds in your chest, and a surge builds from Root to Crown. Goosebumps appear as you practically vibrate with energy.

You approach, or they do. It has taken lifetimes to get you this close; it matters little who takes the last few steps.

Everyone else disappears, the world fading into the background as your entire being focuses on your destiny – the mirror of your soul.

It feels like you’ve known them forever. The sound of their voice wakes something within you that recognizes the soul in your presence.

Their touch pulls you in and all the boundaries that life forced you to put up come crumbling down.

You want to tell them everything: your hopes and dreams, goals and ambitions, fears, and secrets.

And you want to know everything about them, down to the tiniest detail.

But none of that is for now. Your first meeting ends as quickly as it begins.

The next day you awake with a strong sense that something has been missing from within for a very long time – along with an undeniable conviction that you have just found out exactly what that is.