Twin Flame Forecast 7th-13th August: “Eclipse Power”

Total Eclipse of The Moon, Mercury Retrograde and The Planet Of Love Channels Higher Realms: Why Twin Flames Are Destined To Go Through Life As Different – Two Lives In One….

We start this week on a powerful energetic event – The Full Moon Eclipse in Aquarius – this has a highly important impact on Twin Flames/Lightworkers!

We’re being powerfully shaken up to let go of our limited human identities and allow for the full soul self to step forth – even those who believed themselves to already be “awakened” and “spiritually advanced”.


Read more about this here from last week’s forecast

Many are dealing with tricky emotions right now regarding leaving the past behind and an understandable trepidation towards the future.

Yes, you know what you desire. But do you feel 100% certain it will come to pass?

Most likely not, as most of us are taught throughout life that “dreams don’t come true” and that “life/love is hard”

(These are beliefs/energy programming we can clear with metaphysical tools – removing the charge to recalibrate your frequency to align with more ease and invite in love).


Even the most “spiritual” Twins sometimes struggle with setbacks in this regard.

The Ongoing Twin Flame Learning Experience

We’re reminded that it’s OK – feeling shaken up is a sign that we’ve been making progress, that we’re pushing our boundaries so we become freer and more able to align with and live in love.

We’re shown by spirit that the Twin Flame connection is an ongoing project, a collaboration between the two human aspects with the higher selves assisting.

We are meant to be shifting and changing and learning and growing together. Twin Flames never stand still. Yes, when we reach up into the higher registers of love and lift our frequency into unconditional love we come out of range of the heaviest, most challenging human conflicts and situations.

But we’re still learning up there. (To read about what “up there” really is – have a look here for the explanations of the dimensions including 3D and 5D)

That’s what life on earth is all about. The difference between us and the “regular” people we’ve most often grown up around, is that we are so-called Lightworkers.

Beings who have chosen to be “awakened” while alive in a human body, to remember and return to the soul self, the infinite being of light we are as a soul – while still in a body.


What To Do When Friends/Family Don’t Understand

This can be an immense challenge as all the human baggage we’ve acquired begins to slough off and come up for resolution in the Twin Flame Ascension process (you can watch a short video on this here).

But there is a purpose, for us to be able to live a higher and more blissful existence than most can even dream of – so that we with our high vibration energy can uplift the whole collective energy fields.

And the way we do this – fulfill the Twin Flame Mission – is by being happy, by loving each other and being loved, from following our “bliss”.

Those who are not scheduled to Awaken will never truly understand the Twin Flame experience, and we’re dealing with some sadness around this as we’re pushed to let to of early life attachments during the Eclipse.

Of course we wish that those closest to us would understand and be able to be as excited about this connection as we are, and to comprehend why it can be such a dramatic rollercoaster.


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