Twin Flame Forecast May 16th-22nd “Are You Open Enough?”

Powerful Full Moon Triggers Drama as Masculine Fears of Commitment and Loss Of Freedom are brought up in preparation for Twin Union later in the year…

By Cassady

Another exciting week for Twin Flames and Lightworkers, like we were promised in the yearly update for 2016. Ascension for us and the Earth is stepping up a gear. This means by the end of this yearly solar cycle, things are set to feel and look a lot different than they did at the beginning of the year.


Increased lightness is the aim, and we’re set to be purging some serious old shadow material in order to make that happen. Preparation for more and more widespread Union between Twins and for more and more Lightworkers and Twins to be brought up into 5D. “New Earth”.[wp_ad_camp_4]

Healing Emotional Wounds

May 18th we have a beneficial transit bringing the energies of Venus and Uranus together, setting the scene for surprises and a sense of freshness and change in Love, most often of the pleasant kind. This is a transit of new beginnings in love.

Only a day later, we get a chance to heal more emotional wounds relating to Love, thanks to a sextile between Venus and Chiron in Pisces – this Aries/Pisces interaction isn’t set to be easy, and it deals with wounded ego issues. I’m shown wounds like feeling rejected when at our most emotionally “vulnerable”.

After being hurt, we often compensate with building ever higher walls around ourselves – but these don’t just block out Hurt, they block out Love too.

Tearing the walls and healing these wounds will help us move on with increased freedom. As long as we carry the memory of being hurt, we’ll find it challenging to open up again. Unconditional Love is after all about complete openness, complete vulnerability but complete invincibility.

We go through healing unconscious wounds around self, heart and ability to open up in the new Harmony Healing For the Twin Flame Pair.


Union Means Openness

Twin Flame Union, the ultimate “togetherness” of the Twin Flames, entails standing completely vulnerable, open and “emotionally naked” in front of each other in trust and unconditional Love.

This means that any wounds around being hurt in Love or fearing opening up to another, will be brought up during the course of your journey together.

The great thing is that once you get to that point, you’re free! Nothing and no one in the world can ever trigger negativity in you again. You are “home free” and can be a source of pure love in the world, a leading light of the power of Love. This was your plan when you came here.

Vulnerability as Strength

Chiron interacting with Venus helps us opening up  – healing the heart so we can open up fully. Not always pleasant, but highly beneficial for the Twin Flames. If we’re not open we can’t receive the very things we desire. Many of us ask and pray for things, unaware that our energy field is blocking those very things from arriving.

To ensure that this journey is as smooth as possible, use energy clearing tools and karma updates to avoid the “old-fashioned” learning through slow experience and often pain.

You can clear your energy and blocks consciously, you don’t just have to sit there and go through the same old patterns again and again hoping they’ll finally leave so you and your Twin can come together in harmony. You can do this work yourself to speed up that journey back to Unity.

Although the cosmic energies trigger us to bring up negativity, there’s no guarantee it actually gets cleared out of the system without deliberate action on our part.

Energy clearing tools are effective and painless ways of shifting out of baggage, karma and blocks. Once you’ve experienced the power of energy clearing, you won’t look back.

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I myself transformed my energy field through clearing karma, ancestral negativity and personal heaviness. As a result of lifting my vibration my life, my abundance and my Twin Flame connection blossomed to new levels of positivity.

To read about other Twins’ amazing experiences with my methods, have a look here.

Masculine Fears – Loss of Freedom

Just before we move on into a new Solar Cycle, we have a Full Moon in Sagittarius on May 21st – conjunct Mars retrograde – bringing issues around freedom and expansion to a head. Keep your cool now and be honest with yourself.

This Full Moon/Mars Retrograde conjunction is directly opposition the Sun/Venus in Taurus – the Masculine’s subconscious fears are set to flow over, and fears regarding his divine complement the Feminine are at the forefront.

There is a sense of fear from the Masculine, around having his power undermined by the Feminine. A fear that “she” will hold him back and compromise his ability to be free, to defend himself, to excel. Ultimately, that she will take his power away.

Beware flare ups and drama from the Masculine at this point, tendencies of feeling hemmed in and restricted are set to come up. A time when commitment phobias, fears of being tied down are set to ignite as the Moon adds fuel to the intensity of the retrograde purge of the masculine.

Careful to not let the intensity of the release pit you against each other. Remember that harmony and unity is the goal – refrain from judgment of who’s “better than” who or casting blame.

Helping Your Twin Remotely

Take everything with a pinch of salt at this time, especially from Runner Twins. Harsh words may be said but remember this is the past speaking, this is fear speaking. Use energy tools to clear and shield both yourself and your Twin from the negativity that’s coming up now.

I was asked by spirit to share with the community a clearing specifically for the Pair of Twins, that you can use to help both of you including clearing the channels that connect your chakras, so we can eradicate common triggers. You can find this new clearing here.

This Full Moon period is an incredibly powerful culmination to the Sagittarius part of the Mars Retrograde, and come next week, we’ll be fully into the next Scorpio part of the journey.

Having Faith In the Universe

On a positive note, Sagittarius energies are all about launching forward and trusting that the Universe has your back, that you’ll land with your feet first. And in energy terms, we create what we expect – so begin to keep this in mind on a daily basis, that the Universe will help you and support you on your journey if you only believe that it will.

This Sagittarius Full Moon is set to bring up our fears and perceived limitations to help us move on in confidence and increased freedom. Long-term, a cosmic gift.

If you find it tricky to be optimistic and to have faith that good things are coming, it means you have patterns of distrust, disbelief, karmic experiences of being let down, particularly by the universe/source/god.

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Happily, this can be cleared. I had to go through clearing a lot of this myself on my journey but it’s so worth it.

Have a look at the Vibrational Alignment Program for more on karma clearing and eradicating deep energy blocks.

New Themes in Love

As the Sun moves into Gemini (and Venus follows shortly after) – we have new energetic themes emerging. Gemini energies are cerebral, mentally “busy” – it’s all about communication, ideas, socializing.

Shadow sides of this sign of the Twins can be restlessness, stress, over-analysis to the point of not being able to see the woods for the trees, so now more than ever keep an eye on your mind.

Remember you’re the boss and fears are just “false evidence appearing real”. If you need a time-out, meditate to calm your mind.


Above all, avoid getting sucked into the internet for hours at a time as this causes us to float out of our bodies and become more vulnerable to influence.

When Venus follows into Gemini, it indicates a focus on mental compatibility in relationships. Sometimes relationships are based more on physical chemistry than likeness, but this next month you’ll find that things flow better if you can find a way to harmonize through discussions, sharing interests and values.

Once Mercury goes direct on May 22nd this will be a lot easier.

Male/Female Oppositions

For large parts of 2016 the Sun and Venus harmonize this way – both visiting the same sign and the energies aligning positively – this indicates increased alignment between your outer actions and your love interests. Your “head” and your “heart” working together.

In general this tends to harmony, where there are less out and out clashes of energy.

And still, Mars continues his journey backwards through the zodiac energies, purging negativity and heaviness from the Masculine collective fields – a part of the ongoing process of “upgrading” and “spiritualizing” the Masculine and freeing him from his illusions so he can open up to Unconditional love and Twin Flame Union.

An intense time between the Masculine and Feminine energy polarities still until Mars completes his journey on June 29th, but we’re set to reap the rewards later in the year when Jupiter enters the house of relationships and marriages, embedding it with high vibrational energies.

For Twins who have done their inner work, this is set to be a transformational time for relationships and love.

Until next time, I’m sending you love and light for your continued journey! <3

Cassady x

Want more? For an easy, fun way to manage your mindset, elevate your vibration and harmonize your journey with your Twin, have a look at the Vibrational Alignment Program for Twin Flames here.

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