Twin flame frequency and energy engulfs twin flames. They vibrate with the intensity of a million wildfires when they’re together.

To cope with such intense energy is a demanding endeavour. A pressing need to harmonise twin flame frequencies to pave a seamless way for a lasting relationship arises.

And that can only be done when two twin flames raise their vibrations and become one with the energy of the universe.

Everyone emphasises the importance of a twin flame journey, but they forget that embarking upon a personal spiritual journey is equally important.

Self-ego Destabilises Twin Flame Frequency

Our frequencies are significantly imbalanced because of our inner demons, not because of the overwhelming presence of our twin flames.

When we fail to keep our self-ego in check, we foster insecurities, fears and other negativities, imperilling the twin flame relationship in the process.

Our self-ego destabilises our frequencies and lowers our vibrations and veers us away from our fated twin flame.

So, how can we vanquish our self-ego and raise our vibration?

People spend their entire lives in pursuit of inner peace. They wander from place to place to find themselves, and yet all their adventures render useless.

The problem is that they look everywhere but not within themselves. All the hells and heavens are within us. Our minds possess the power to make or break us.

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We have to submerge into our conscious and subconscious and face our greatest fears to rip our self-ego apart. People who resort to drugs only numb themselves.

They broaden the emptiness that makes them feel hollow.

If twin flames are serious about raising their vibration, they have to accept their imperfections and flaws and let perpetual love and light enter their spiritual beings.

Loving yourself is not enough. Giving someone the opportunity to love you is what requires unimaginable courage.

Twin flames experience emotional traumas in their childhood and teenage years and hide themselves in the deepest and darkest corners of their heart where no love or light can access them.

This gives rise to the chaser and runner dynamic. The runner flees in fear because he’s so inured to the darkness that he has lost the capability to accept love.

But, if he keeps on running instead of accepting the fact that he, like all of us, deserves utmost love, he will never break-free from his insecurities.

Twin flames attune each other to the reality of the world. Most of us lead empty lives and forget our real purpose in life.

Decadence feasts on our beings, and we forget that we are here to love and accept love.

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Whenever entrenched in an existential crisis, a twin flame can open our eyes to the truth. Although at the start, this reality might distress us, in the long run, the truth always leads us to perpetual peace.

Twin flame frequencies are only aligned when both of them stop the cat and mouse game and heal each other by resolving their emotional conflicts and issues, and accepting themselves as they are made.

Only then can they dissolve their wounds and establish a lasting relationship. This is what twin flame frequency is about.